BREAKING! ‘Dark Complected’ Male Fatally Shoots Sheriff’s Deputy In Houston, Manhunt Underway

Another shooting of a law enforcement official, this time in Houston. Witnesses say a “dark complected” man walked up behind him and shot him in the head while he was pumping gas at a gas station.

Watch below:

From ABC 13 News:

A deputy has been fatally shot at a gas station in northwest Harris County, and there’s an active manhunt for the officer’s killer, sources tell Eyewitness News.

LifeFlight initially was dispatched to the scene off Telge and West, but it was later called off.

Sources tell us the deputy was in uniform and pumping gas when someone walked up and shot him repeatedly.

“We were driving on West Road and we heard the shots, and when I turned and looked, the lady was screaming over top of him. So we busted a U-turn into the parking lot and that’s when we saw what had happened,” witness Mckenzie Stalter said.

Stalter says she saw a woman sobbing over the officer’s body.

“She was laying on top him. She was saying that was her best friend and that he had two kids,” she said.

Eyewitness News has not yet confirmed the officer’s identity or details about his family.

Stalter says the suspect was gone by the time she had pulled into the parking lot and called 911. A manhunt for that suspect is still underway. We’re told officers also are searching for a red Ford Ranger.

More from Fox News:

A Texas sheriff’s deputy was reportedly shot and killed late Friday after responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle near a gas station.

Fox affiliate KRIV reports the Harris County Sheriff’s deputy was shot once in the head and three times in the back at around 8:30 p.m. at the gas station on West Rd. and Telge in northwest Harris County. The officer died from his injuries.

Police are searching for a suspect.

It really sounds like the maggot was just targeting a cop. I hope they catch him and gun him down. Legally.

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