PC Police Alert!! MSNBC Deems Another Word Racist: ‘Resilient’!!

Erstwhile Civil Rights Attorney and full-time moron Tracie Washington went on the Melissa Harris Perry show yesterday morning to show that she too could compete with the profound idiocy that flows forth from that boundless cornucopia of stupidity.

Also she’s dumb not smart:


She literally just said that calling anyone in New Orleans “resilient” is racist, and it’s an excuse to not help black people after hurricane Katrina. It’s just incredible. She seems to believe that resiliency means being slapped by a white person and asking for more, and forgiving them. BUT WHITE PEOPLE DIDN’T SEND HURRICANE KATRINA. Good God, these people are frighteningly stupid.

New Orleans is called “resilient” not because it withstood white racism, but because the good decent people rebuilt it after a natural disaster. Resiliency is a GOOD THING, it’s a VIRTUE. There’s something so creepy and weird that they make even this virtue, a habit that is completely unrelated to skin color, something racist and wrong. They’re habituating themselves into not being able to operate without seeing racism in every damn thing everywhere.

Here’s the moron on the Twitters:

This is the link she posts:

This dumbass is proudly saying, “I AM NOT RESILIENT!” as if that’s a poke in the eye to white racism. If it wasn’t so damn pathetic it would be laughable.