Black people are REALLY ANGRY at Rebel Wilson’s joke about police brutality at the VMAs

Uh oh… Australian comedian Rebel Wilson has gone afoul of the PC Police for her mocking the “Black Lives Matter” movement at the Video Music Awards on MTV tonight!


Here’s a small clip of what she did:

And here are all the angry people:

This one is my favorite:

This special little snowflake is gonna have a tough time at life.

I dunno. I thought it was funny. But only after I read these tweets! LOL!

Univision’s Jorge Ramos Says KATE’S LAW Is UNFAIR to Illegal Aliens!

PC Police Alert!! MSNBC Deems Another Word Racist: ‘Resilient’!!

Erstwhile Civil Rights Attorney and full-time moron Tracie Washington went on the Melissa Harris Perry show yesterday morning to show that she too could compete with the profound idiocy that flows forth from that boundless cornucopia of stupidity.

Also she’s dumb not smart:

She literally just said that calling anyone in New Orleans “resilient” is racist, and it’s an excuse to not help black people after hurricane Katrina. It’s just incredible. She seems to believe that resiliency means being slapped by a white person and asking for more, and forgiving them. BUT WHITE PEOPLE DIDN’T SEND HURRICANE KATRINA. Good God, these people are frighteningly stupid.

New Orleans is called “resilient” not because it withstood white racism, but because the good decent people rebuilt it after a natural disaster. Resiliency is a GOOD THING, it’s a VIRTUE. There’s something so creepy and weird that they make even this virtue, a habit that is completely unrelated to skin color, something racist and wrong. They’re habituating themselves into not being able to operate without seeing racism in every damn thing everywhere.

Here’s the moron on the Twitters:

This is the link she posts:

This dumbass is proudly saying, “I AM NOT RESILIENT!” as if that’s a poke in the eye to white racism. If it wasn’t so damn pathetic it would be laughable.

Houston Sheriff Blames ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement For Murder Of Deputy

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman blamed the “out of control” rhetoric of activists like those of the Black Lives Matter movement for the death of Deputy Goforth by some scumbag who shot him in the back of the head as he was pumping gas at a gas station.

Watch below:

This is telling because the police obviously know facts about the suspect that the public hasn’t been made aware of yet. If they have evidence that he had sympathies with the BLM movement, they should release it. If not, the Sheriff is going to be seen as irresponsible for blaming BLM without evidence.

Police CAPTURE possible suspect in EXECUTION killing of Houston Deputy

DISASTER for Hillary: Socialist Sanders Closing In On Iowa As Clinton Loses A THIRD Of Her Support!!

This is just remarkable. Apparently the Hillinator has lost a full THIRD of her support in Iowa, and Socialist Sanders is BERNING up the road as he closes in on her!

Watch below:

And also:

This shows significant weakness that could spell a LOT of trouble for Hillary if Bernie is able to take that state from her. Because other states are watching, and sniffing the desperation of the Hillary campaign. Now just imagine if Biden jumped into the ring and took away another huge bite of her support…

BREAKING! ‘Dark Complected’ Male Fatally Shoots Sheriff’s Deputy In Houston, Manhunt Underway

‘The Business Model of Wall Street is FRAUD!!’ – Socialist Weirdo Radical Bernie Sanders

The socialist Sanders came out strong against EVERYONE on Wall Street by saying that they’re ALL FRAUDS, and then went on a mini-populist rant on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Watch below:

Uhhh ok, crackhead, well Wall Street might include some frauds, but it also represents the vast majority of the American economic engine. If it’s all fraud, does that mean this idiot is going to shut it down? Why isn’t he called out for this ridiculously radical rhetoric? If you don’t know, let me answer that for ya – because the media basically agrees with him.

Notice that when Republicans say anything remotely controversial, EVERY OTHER Republican has to answer for it. But will other Democratic candidates be asked if they believe the American economy is premised on FRAUD? Yeah RIGHT!! LOL!

This is the kind of crap that sounds good to people who have absolutely no idea how economics works. In other words, Democrats.

Trump Explodes When CNN Reporter Asks Him About Protesters Outside Fundraiser!

HORRIFIC: Images of CHILDREN Drowned Trying To Escape Syria Shared On Social Media

This is heartbreakingly sad and evil. Social media is exploding with reaction to pictures reportedly from the Mediterranean of children who have washed up on shore after drowning trying to escape the Syrian civil war.

I have censored the images being shared:


Here’s another set of pictures being shared today (9/2/15):

Some are responding with horror, while others question whether it’s disrespectful of sharing such awful pictures:

Here’s a post on Facebook blaming the US and Britain instead of the Middle East for the atrocity. And a similar tweet demanding the world take notice:

I don’t understand why the entire world is responsible – the Middle East has a GDP of trillions of dollars, with 57 states and many many armies. Why does America and Britain have to save everybody’s bacon all the time? Even still, the tiny souls of these children cry out for some justice.

Hillary Just Called 60% Of Americans NAZIS

Univision’s Jorge Ramos Says KATE’S LAW Is UNFAIR to Illegal Aliens!

Jorge Ramos unveiled himself as an illegal alien activist rather than a journalist when he accosted el Trumpo with his tirade instead of asking a question, but he is now so shameless that he thinks it’s unfair for America to hand down a 5-year prison sentence for illegal aliens who have been deported and sneak back in. This is what is also known as Kate’s Law after Kate Steinle, who was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal alien who had been deported SIX times and returned to the United States.

Watch below:

See how that works? It’s unfair to judge all illegal aliens by the actions of one guy who killed an American – that’s how he ignores the scores and scores of crimes that illegal aliens commit in America. AND the essential difference is that Dylann Roof is an American, and we have to deal with whatever crime Americans commit because they’re ours. We DO NOT have to PUT UP WITH crimes by illegal aliens who by definition DO NOT belong here!

So suck on that, Ramos.

Conservative Author Brad Thor Issues $100k DEBATE CHALLENGE to The Donald!!

‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists Trying To SHUT DOWN Minnesota State Fair! [VIDEOS]

Apparently the morons of the Black Lives Matter movement think that shutting down a family event will make white people want to admit they’re racist or something. These people are utter geniuses at persuasion!!!

Here are some videos and images from social media:

And they mock their white liberal allies! LOL! Love it:

“We do this for Mike Brown.”

SooperPodcast #160: Et Tu Trumpy?! With Jessica Heddings and Matt Dawson

Police CAPTURE possible suspect in EXECUTION killing of Houston Deputy

Last night a scumbag walked up behind a Sheriff’s Deputy pumping gas and shot him in the head, then shot him multiple times as he lay on the ground. Today police say they might have a suspect in the case.

Watch below:

I have seen reports that the mom didn’t turn him in, that this was a false report. I have since heard that he voluntarily turned himself in.

From CBS:

Police in Texas have a possible suspect in custody in the shooting death of a sheriff’s deputy in a Houston suburb.

Officials have not yet confirmed the possible suspect’s role in the shooting.

Police say Deputy Darren Goforth was shot several times execution-style as he was pumping gas into his patrol vehicle by a man who came up behind him.

The district attorney said she is shocked at the brazen attack.

Police earlier described the suspect as a dark-complexioned male who is believed to be between 20 and 25 years old, and stands about 5-foot-10 to 6-feet tall. He was wearing a white T-shirt and red shorts and driving a red or maroon pickup-style truck with an extended cab.

No motive was determined for the shooting. Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said Goforth, who was a 10-year veteran of the force, had a wife and two children.

“In my 45 years in law enforcement, I can’t recall another incident so cold-blooded and cowardly,” Hickman said.

Here’s a picture of the maggot from surveillance:

Here’s the Deputy who was killed:

Virginia Murderer Killed Two People BECAUSE THEY WERE WHITE – Powerful Statement From Don Lemon

BREAKING! ‘Dark Complected’ Male Fatally Shoots Sheriff’s Deputy In Houston, Manhunt Underway

Another shooting of a law enforcement official, this time in Houston. Witnesses say a “dark complected” man walked up behind him and shot him in the head while he was pumping gas at a gas station.

Watch below:

From ABC 13 News:

A deputy has been fatally shot at a gas station in northwest Harris County, and there’s an active manhunt for the officer’s killer, sources tell Eyewitness News.

LifeFlight initially was dispatched to the scene off Telge and West, but it was later called off.

Sources tell us the deputy was in uniform and pumping gas when someone walked up and shot him repeatedly.

“We were driving on West Road and we heard the shots, and when I turned and looked, the lady was screaming over top of him. So we busted a U-turn into the parking lot and that’s when we saw what had happened,” witness Mckenzie Stalter said.

Stalter says she saw a woman sobbing over the officer’s body.

“She was laying on top him. She was saying that was her best friend and that he had two kids,” she said.

Eyewitness News has not yet confirmed the officer’s identity or details about his family.

Stalter says the suspect was gone by the time she had pulled into the parking lot and called 911. A manhunt for that suspect is still underway. We’re told officers also are searching for a red Ford Ranger.

More from Fox News:

A Texas sheriff’s deputy was reportedly shot and killed late Friday after responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle near a gas station.

Fox affiliate KRIV reports the Harris County Sheriff’s deputy was shot once in the head and three times in the back at around 8:30 p.m. at the gas station on West Rd. and Telge in northwest Harris County. The officer died from his injuries.

Police are searching for a suspect.

It really sounds like the maggot was just targeting a cop. I hope they catch him and gun him down. Legally.

‘She’s Doing A TERRIBLE THING For Our Country!’ – Trump Criticized Pam Geller After Garland Shooting

Trump Explodes When CNN Reporter Asks Him About Protesters Outside Fundraiser!

El Trumpo got angry that a reporter would ask him about the protesters outside his campaign event, and so he went after the reporter instead of answering the question.

Watch below:

The Boston Herald had more about the protesters outside, and Trump talking about the GOP field:

Again this is just another example of what a thin-skinned narcissist this guy is – even Obama will take SOME challenging questions without blowing up. How is it difficult to answer about protesters?! I can’t believe that people actually believe this guy is fit to be president.

MSNBC Host Praises Celebration Thanking ILLEGAL ALIENS For Rebuilding New Orleans, Including Trump Piñata!

Hillary Just Called 60% Of Americans NAZIS

Is Hillary losing it? I think that bump on her head is causing some problems, because today she compared Republicans who want to deport illegals to NAZIS!

Watch below:

In using the word “boxcars” as imagery to describe deportation, Hillary is clearly referring to the way Nazis transported Jews to the concentration camps.

That’s unfortunate…. for her campaign. Because as many as 60% of Americans believe that we need to deport MORE illegal aliens. 

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 60% of Likely U.S. Voters think the U.S. government is not aggressive enough in deporting those who are in this country illegally. That shows little change from April but is up from 52% in April of last year. Twelve percent (12%) think the government is too aggressive, down from 16% in April. Sixteen percent (16%) now think the number of deportations is about right, while 12% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

This is after equating prolife conservatives to ISLAMIST TERRORISTS yesterday:

That makes about 55% of Americans the same as ISIS in Hillary’s eyes:

When asked when abortion should be legal, 55 percent of Americans oppose all abortions or say abortion should only be legal in a “few circumstances,” typically defined as cases such as rape, incest or if the life of the mother is in danger. Since those cases constitute, at most, 1-2 percent of all abortion cases, Gallup’s numbers confirm 55 percent of Americans oppose 98 percent or more of the 1.1 million abortions that take place annually in the United States.

The poll makes it clear that even 27 percent of those who call themselves “pro-choice” actually take a pro-life position wanting all abortions illegal or abortion legal in only the very rarest cases. Just 9 percent of people who support unlimited abortion wrongly call themselves pro-life.

If Hillary is so secure in her presidential race then why is she using such radical speech?

Virginia Killer Had Been Reprimanded For Wearing OBAMA BADGE

Conservative Author Brad Thor Issues $100k DEBATE CHALLENGE to The Donald!!

Brad Thor is an outspoken conservative author who has lately criticized Trump for calling himself a conservative despite the many left-wing positions he’s taken in his past. Last night Thor challenged el Trumpo to a debate, and he put his money where his mouth is:

He explained further:

Pretty strong words. Will Trump debate Thor? Somehow I doubt it. He’s having too much fun appearing on every cable news shows he possibly can, and having his campaign speeches carried on every channel. But if it happened, I would definitely pay money to watch it!! And I think Thor would THUMP El Trumpo pretty soundly.

New ‘Common Core’ Approved Textbook Will Indoctrinate 6th-GRADERS About ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’!

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New ‘Common Core’ Approved Textbook Will Indoctrinate 6th-GRADERS About ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’!

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