San Antonio Dispatcher Says Man Killed By Police Had Threatened SUICIDE BY COP

The media has been obsessed with the latest shooting of a man by cops but according to the dispatched on the call, Gilbert Flores had threatened to commit “suicide by cop” right before the incident happened.

Here’s a report of the incident from CNN:


And here’s the new information that might help exonerate the police:

Gilbert Flores, the man fatally shot by Bexar County deputies last week during an altercation caught on video, was upset and threatening “suicide by cop,” according to radio traffic made public Tuesday.

The 30-minute audio recording posted by Broadcastify, a web site that publishes radio traffic from police, fire and EMS agencies across the country, captured conversations between a county dispatcher and an EMS unit sent to Walnut Pass subdivision, where deputies responded to a domestic disturbance.

The recording provides new details and raises more questions not covered in the previously published four-minute cellphone video of the incident. The FBI said Tuesday it is conducting a federal civil rights investigation into the shooting.

Here’s the recording of the dispatcher call:

My San Antonio continued:

“Looks like the male who called it in assaulted his wife and child, so possibly two patients,” the dispatcher tells the EMS unit on the audio recording. “And he is also threatening suicide, so possibly three patients. Go ahead and stage.”

Minutes later, the EMS unit asked if the injured woman and baby were still with the suspect.

“That’s affirmative, and he’s threatening suicide by cop,” the dispatcher replied.

One of the paramedics in the recording witnessed an escalating altercation between Flores and the deputies, identified as Robert Sanchez and Greg Vasquez, that lasted more than 10 minutes.

“You better get some other (sheriff) units out here, ASAP,” he tells the dispatcher.

“Alright, copy, what’s going on?”

“The subject is attacking (the deputies) right now.” Moments later, the paramedic reports “shots fired.”

That initial report of shots fired was either the deputies firing and missing or attempting to use their Tasers. Flores was still alive and brandishing a knife, the paramedic said.

The four-minute cellphone video does not appear to show this portion of the struggle — only two shots are heard on the video. The deputies were not wearing body cameras and have been placed on paid leave pending an investigation.

This goes a long way towards helping the police prove that they were put in a position where they had to defend themselves against an obviously dangerous man.

So suck on THAT, “Black Lives Matter” morons!

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