CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill Deletes Tweet Calling Cops ‘Domestic Terrorists’

I was linking an old post of mine entitled, “The Number of ‘Unarmed Blacks Killed by Police’ Peddled By Marc Lamont Hill Rated FALSE by Politifact” when I noticed something interesting. Hill had since deleted a tweet calling cops domestic terrorists.


marc lamont hill deleted tweet


That’s what a tweet looks like in WordPress if the original writer deletes it. This is what it looked like before:

marc lamont hill deleted tweet 01


This was made during a night of rioting in Ferguson and it shows you what is important to Hill, and it isn’t the safety of blacks because he was encouraging the looting by furthering the anti-cop narrative with his acidic rhetoric.

And I’m not sure why he deleted that particular tweet, because he’s not shy about cops “terrorists”:

And just calling the Tea Party a bunch of terrorists, why not?

BUT I suspect that it might have something to do with the story about his claims being called false by Politifact.

Also, never forget, Marc Lamont Hill was called a b*tch by rapper Big Boi from on stage during a performance. And cried on CNN when he lost a debate.