This Hewitt Interview of Trump on Foreign Policy Is Frightening And Embarrassing…

So everyone is freaking out over this interview – Trumpeters say it was all “gotcha questions,” but I think that means they know just how bad it was for il Trumpolini.

You just gotta listen for yourself:

Trump’s excuse is that the names Hugh is asking about are for people that won’t be around in six months. But if he doesn’t know who they are now, how does he know that they weren’t around six months ago? Ouch.. that’s kinda pathetic.

He then says that he’ll know by the time it’s important. I dunno, it seems kinda important right now. Is Trump gonna accidentally give aid to the Quds Force thinking their the Kurds?

This was my Twitter reaction:

My favorite quote:

“I will be so good at the military, your head will spin!” Yeah my head’s kinda spinning already.