VOTE HERE For The Worst Podcast… EVER!!

Ladies and gentlemen and liberals, I guess, we have received a challenge from another podcast. We have proudly worn the moniker of “worst podcast… ever” for more than a HUNDRED podcasts. I’m not joking, here was Bill, who used to be on our podcast, coining it WAY BACK IN 2012:

But you know, you get lazy and complacent and these young upstarts try to take your damn place. So we have challengers.

And I’m not worried, not one little bit. Because we totally have the worst podcast… ever.

But rather than be a totalitarian despot and just declare what I know to be a true, like this:

We’re gonna have a poll. I guess. Here have a poll.

And if you care to actually listen to the podcasts, because you’re some kind of weirdo, then fine here:

UPDATE!! LATE ENTRY!!! It’s @BigGator5 and @TheKytiKat!!!


CLEARLY that is the worst podcast ever. How can anyone doubt this?!?

Because they’re crazy women, that’s why.

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