Moron CNN anchor: Is Kim Davis LIKE THE TALIBAN?!?!

Mike Smerconish really usually isn’t this abjectly stupid, but they must have loaded up Obama on his teleprompter, because he just had to ask this pathetically stupid comparison on CNN this afternoon:

YEAH! He actually compares a lady who goes to jail rather than approve of gay marriages TO THE FRICKIN TALIBAN!!! ARE YOU AN INSANE IDIOT?!?!? The answer is yes, he is. But wait, there’s MORE!!!

HE DOES IT AGAIN!!! This time he compares us to SAUDI ARABIA?! We’re not “fighting them overseas,” you idiot they’re (ostensibly) our allies! I just can’t get over the stupidity here.

You can watch the entire clip at the Right Scooooooop!!

Now I ask you, who seems more reasonable here, Smerconish screeching about her being a terrorist, or the calm Anthony Perkins of the Family Research Council explaining to him patiently that he’s a moron?

Now, guess which of these two is on the Southern Law Poverty Center’s terrorist watch list? Yup, it ain’t baldy.

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