German Chancellor Merkel BEGGED Syrian Refugees To Come A Week Ago…

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Among the mysteries of the sudden “Great Replacement” influx of Syrian refugees into Europe is why it started in the last few days when Assad had been slaughtering his own people for many years now. Hell, he even attacked them with chemical weapons! So why are there so many refugees now?

This announcement from Merkel might have something to do with it:

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany must respond to the European refugee crisis with the same resolve it showed in rescuing banks and her government will spend billions of euros to handle the tide of migrants.

As the migration of people fleeing war and poverty strains Germany’s welcome and sows discord in the European Union, Merkel warned on Monday that the the EU’s passport-free travel zone is at risk. EU governments also shouldn’t discriminate against refugees on the basis of their religion, she said.

While the 28 EU countries have to find joint solutions, Germany has a duty to step up as Europe’s biggest economy and to treat the new arrivals as a potential enrichment for the country’s job market, Merkel told a news conference in Berlin.

“German thoroughness is great, but right now we need German flexibility,” she said. “We have many examples where we showed we can respond. Remember the bank rescues. During the international financial crisis, the federal and state governments pushed through the necessary legislation in a matter of days.”

Merkel said her government will propose a package of legislation by Sept. 24. The goal is to process migrants more quickly to weed out those who don’t qualify for political asylum, while boosting funding for states and municipal governments to handle shelter, food and care for refugees.

“This program will be in the billions,” Merkel said. Without putting a price tag on the package, she said it wouldn’t threaten Germany’s balanced budget.

Many have theorized that the Germans are animated by a sense of guilt stemming from World War 2, and they believe that this is their chance to make up for rounding up the Jews and trying to kill them all.

If that’s what it is then it’s an enormous mistake that will have enormous repercussions on German society as well as that of the rest of Europe. What will happen to the migrants that they deem unacceptable? Will they be tossed back into Syria or will they be dispersed into Europe?

There are way too many questions and far too few answers.

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