Conservative Legend Thomas Sowell Names TWO GOP Candidates He Likes!

There are few conservative figures I respect and honor as much as Thomas Sowell, who has lived an incredible life and defended the tenets of conservatism for decades longer than most have been alive.

And tonight on the Hannity show, he outlined the two GOP candidates he thinks are the more worth of the office.

Watch below (his comments come at the very end of the segment):


Wow! Both of his picks aren’t doing very well in polling, and I’m surprised that Ted Cruz wasn’t one of them. I really wish Hannity had let him talk more about why he chose those particular candidates. It really sounded to me like he cut him off when he was about to explain why he chose those two – is it a coincidence Hannity is a yuge Trump backer?

Full Disclosure: I made Thomas Sowell Laugh. 

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