This is a proud day in commie history, my friends!! Our moron Governor here in New York is calling for the absolute destruction of the economy by saying that we need to implement a $15 an hour minimum wage!! WOW!! I can’t wait!!

HERE COMES THE NEW YORK APOCALYPSE!!! I’m telling you, we’ll be envying North Korea’s economy by the time this is done!!! And I can’t wait to document the end of times and put Cuomo’s big stupid face on everything!

I LOVE IT!!! Think about it this way – why would anyone hire someone with no skills and no job experience at $15 when they could hire someone with a Bachelor’s degree? And that’s exactly what will happen – businesses will close down all over the state, and the few that stay open will fire ALL their low skilled workers and hire college grads. WHY the hell would they keep them, when they’re forced to pay WAY above what their labor is worth?!

More from Joseph Spector:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today said he will seek a $15 an hour minimum wage for all workers in New York next year when the state Legislature resumes its session.

The move came as Cuomo announced that the state Labor Department has approved the recommendations of a wage board to increase the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $15 an hour by July 2021.

Cuomo made an impassioned plea for the higher wage for all New York workers, saying that 2.2 million workers would benefit from the pay raise. It would be the highest statewide minimum wage in the nation and would be phased in over a number of years; he wasn’t more specific.

“Let’s show this nation how good we can be and how high we can reach,” Cuomo said at a rally in New York City with Vice President Joe Biden.

The announcement quickly drew opposition from business groups, and Senate Republicans earlier in the day knocked Cuomo’s wage push.

“Today’s announcement of a new push for a statewide minimum wage of $15 is an affront to small employers in every corner of this state,” Mike Durant, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business.

Cuomo just revealed himself to be the angel of economic death for New York, and I am soooo happy about it!!!