Muslim Editor Calls Kim Davis ‘Christian Sharia’ When REFUSING To Answer If Islam Has A History of Theocracy

For just a split second I was shocked and gratified to see that Brooke Baldwin was actually asking a difficult question of their moron Muslim guest who was whining about Ben Carson. The question was very simply asking if Ben Carson was right in saying that Islam didn’t have the tradition of separation of church and state that Christianity did in the West.

Watch the moron answer here:

Arsalan Iftikhar seriously just goes off with his sharia-compliant panties in a bunch, just tossing out whatever anti-Christian crap he might have floating around in the cesspool of his intellect, and somehow lands on calling Kim Davis the “Christian Sharia”!!!

And of course, Brooke Baldwin lets him get away with NOT answering the question, AND with insulting all Christians. If she had been honestly asking at all, she could have pointed out that there are no less than FIFTY-SEVEN ISLAMIC STATES in the world right now, and this clown is yapping on about how Kim Davis is evil because she doesn’t want to give gays marriage certificates. I wonder how well those gays are treated in the majority of those 57 Islamic states?

It’s very likely that the reason she allowed him to get away with this crap is that she really hates Christianity as much as he does. That’s “objective” journalism in the land of Obama.

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