Hillary Latest Failed Attempt At Coolness Stars The Disgusting Lena Dunham

Watching Hillary try to be cool is like watching a three-legged drunken cat trying to maneuver an obstacle course. With fat cankles.

Here it is for your viewing… well.. not really pleasure. Just watch the atrocity:

I picture her coolness consultant sticking a wet finger in the air, and then sticking it in a light socket and getting the idea to have her make a video with Lena Dunham. And also why is she surrounding herself with sexual perverts?! First she marries perpetual sexual offender Bill Clinton, then hires on Anthony Weiner’s wife as her top aide, and now she’s hanging out with the HBO “star” who admitted doing disgusting things with her underage sister’s vagina. What the hell is wrong with this woman?!?!?

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