Vatican: Every Nation’s Right Of Sovereignty Has To ‘BEND’ To Meet The Dignity Of Illegal Immigrants

kid with pope

Part of the reason that the media is having such a huge love affair with the Pope as he visits America is that they all believe that we’ll become much more leftist if we just listen to his left-wing rhetoric.

And while some are doubting the more subtle references the Pope has been making towards supporting unfortunate immigrants, the Vatican has made it clear what he means to the New York Times:

The Vatican is careful to recognize a legitimate diversity of opinion on the issue of illegal immigration, advocating the rights of migrants to seek a better life and of sovereign states to regulate their borders. But in his speeches so far this week, Francis has clearly focused his attention on the migrants who see him as their champion.

“When you have these two rights in conflict, which one has to bend?” said Greg Burke, the senior adviser for communications at the Vatican. “The Gospel answers that it has to bend in favor of human dignity.”

The problem with this position is that it only recognizes one nation’s obligation to defend and uphold the rights of human dignity for the migrants. What about the country that is driving their citizens away because they’re so mismanaged?

It’s really one-sided, especially when you couple it with the Pope’s constant criticism of Capitalism.

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