Jake Tapper Demands Ben Carson Admit His Muslim Position Is The Same As RACISM Against Blacks!

Jake Tapper got his best horse-beating bat out and beat a dead horse for as long as he possibly could before someone cut the interview mercifully short.

The issue was Ben Carson’s “controversial” comment that he could not support a Muslim for president unless they specifically denied the tenets of Sharia that run contrary to the Constitution. And that makes sense when Ben Carson explains that he wouldn’t support anyone who does that of any faith. But Jake Tapper just wants to behead him (rhetorically), so he latches on and doesn’t let go.

Watch below:

Towards the end, he brings out the big guns – isn’t what you did JUST LIKE RACISM AGAINST BLACKS?!?!? Get it? Because being against a totalitarian religion that people chose is the same thing as owning slaves, you guys, that’s why!!!!

Don’t you wish they would press Hillary on her emails like this? Nope, rather than do that, Chuck Todd gently tossed some softballs at her.

And the Democrat machine thanks journalism for their in-kind contribution once again.