SO Trump Wants To Tax The Hell Out Of Rich People To Pay For Universal Healthcare?!

I’m not sure why it took so long to smoke out mister “straight talking” Donald Trump about this issue, but apparently it just took the right journalist to press him on it, and for him to be falling slightly in the polls.

Yeah the Donald wants the rich to pay for universal healthcare paid for by the government.

Watch below:

Really the only difference between the Donald and a left-wing socialist is that the socialist doesn’t care if they’ll destroy the economy in order to get universal healthcare. But Trump is under some insane delusion that he’ll be able to negotiate out of expensive healthcare, and all we need to is trust him.


We just need to trust el Trumpo that his scheme will make us all rich, and that’ll be enough to pay for universal healthcare.

But even if he was right, do we really want the government to control our healthcare? Why would it be any better under Trump than a totalitarian leftist when they’re both giving us the same assurances?

Oh well. At least he’s finally being honest about his left-wing big government scams.

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