Trey Gowdy FORCES Planned Parenthood President To ADMIT She Supports Abortions by GENDER and RACE!!

There are few things more entertaining than watching the brilliant Trey Gowdy use his rhetorical skills to interrogate those on the left and tear them to shreds.

In this video from this afternoon’s congressional testimony on defunding Planned Parenthood, the GOWD gets president Cecile Richards to admit that she has no problem with abortions done to target a specific gender, or a race.

Watch below:

When the question comes at the 3 minute mark Cecile stumbles over her answer.

She comes around to responding that Planned Parenthood is totally cool with abortions that might be made on the basis of killing a girl just because it’s a girl, as they do in China, or because the baby is undesirable because of it’s race.

Pretty despicable.

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