BREAKING! U.S. Officials Say Putin Bombed CIA-Backed Rebels In Syria!!


This is just pathetically laughable. This morning the administration was shocked to find out that the Russians had struck in Syria, saying they were attacking ISIS when they were really trying to help their pal Assad.

Now it turns out, that Putin brazenly attacked the very rebels that the CIA had trained to take down ISIS.

From the Wall Street Journal:

A Russian airstrike Wednesday targeted an area in western Syria primarily held by rebel forces backed by the Central Intelligence Agency and allied spy services, U.S. officials said.

The direct targeting of U.S.-backed rebels by Russian aircraft could escalate tensions with Moscow, which said it deployed attack aircraft to Syria to help the regime of Bashar al-Assad in the fight against Islamic State. U.S. officials said they believed Moscow’s primary military focus was shoring up the Assad regime and targeting rebels which threaten areas which the regime controls.

Wow. That’s just a bold provocation. This comes just a day after Putin was shaking Obama’s hand and apparently NOT telling him about the attack, and after their Foreign Minister Lavrov stood with John Kerry to announce they were going to de-escalate the war.

U.S. officials disputed that the airstrikes were targeting Islamic State. One of the areas hit by the Russians was a location primarily held by rebel forces which receive funding, arms and training from the CIA and allies. The U.S. spy agency has been covertly arming and training rebels in Syria since 2013 to fight the Assad regime.

This is just sad. Putin is spitting into the eye of Obama and laughing while doing it. Just incredible.

The Donald Posts Tweet Declaring Putin’s ‘BRILLIANCE’!

Here’s The Email Russian Hackers Sent Hillary To Try To Gain Access To Her Private Server

Well this seems like big breaking news:

More from the AP:

Newly released emails show Russia-linked hackers tried at least five times to pry into Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email account while she was secretary of state. It is unclear if she clicked on any attachment and exposed her account.

Clinton received the infected emails, disguised as speeding tickets, over four hours early the morning of Aug. 3, 2011. The emails instructed recipients to print the attached tickets, which would have allowed hackers to take control of their computers.

Security researchers who analyzed the malicious software have said that infected computers would transmit information from victims to at least three server computers overseas, including one in Russia. That doesn’t necessarily mean Russians were responsible.

That is so odd, because didn’t Hillary hit the reset button that made the Russians our bestest friends forever?!

Here’s one of the hacker’s emails, it appears:

Maybe we need to hit the reset button a few times, it might be malfunctioning.

But what does this say about her private server? It says that the Russians KNEW about it, and possibly that they knew it didn’t have the proper security. What do you wanna bet this wasn’t the only time they tried to hack it?

Fellow Americans… we’re escrewed.

Trey Gowdy FORCES Planned Parenthood President To ADMIT She Supports Abortions by GENDER and RACE!!

There are few things more entertaining than watching the brilliant Trey Gowdy use his rhetorical skills to interrogate those on the left and tear them to shreds.

In this video from this afternoon’s congressional testimony on defunding Planned Parenthood, the GOWD gets president Cecile Richards to admit that she has no problem with abortions done to target a specific gender, or a race.

Watch below:

When the question comes at the 3 minute mark Cecile stumbles over her answer.

She comes around to responding that Planned Parenthood is totally cool with abortions that might be made on the basis of killing a girl just because it’s a girl, as they do in China, or because the baby is undesirable because of it’s race.

Pretty despicable.

SO Trump Wants To Tax The Hell Out Of Rich People To Pay For Universal Healthcare?!

Obama’s Middle East Policy Is An “UTTER FAILURE,” Says CNN panel, Putin Taking Over Is ‘Dangerous’

It’s finally dawning on people what a terrible failure Obama’s foreign policy has been after having Putin enter into the Syrian war on the Assad side, and showing how little American power is being respected around the world.

Here’s the CNN panel recounting Obama’s policy failures:

Here’s what Putin has delivered to Syria in order to backup his little puppet and ally Assad:


As Newt Gingrich said this weekend, Obama’s strategic pull back of our presence in the world has allowed a new axis to coalesce between Russia, Iran, and Syria. And that’s just gonna be great for the world…

Congressional Chupacabra Pelosi Hasn’t Even SEEN the Planned Parenthood Videos, But Wants Them Investigated Anyway!!

President Selfie Hires Hollywood To FIGHT ISIS On Snapchat And Facebook!!

President Selfie-In-Chief is going to fight ISIS on the only battle-ground he knows anything about – social media propaganda.

From the Daily Beast:

The Obama administration is turning to HBO, Snapchat, and a controversial, Oscar-winning screenwriter to help them fight ISIS.

Earlier this year, the State Department convened a group of friends in the U.S. film industry, social media, and premium cable TV to brainstorm ways to counter jihadist propaganda.

In June, State Department officials and counterterrorism advisors traveled to Sunnylands (nicknamed the “Camp David of the West,” due to its history of being a super-exclusive vacation spot for celebrities and politicians) in Rancho Mirage, California, for a summit on how to effectively fight a propaganda and media war against extremist networks abroad. ISIS, for instance, has already mastered the art of ripping off Hollywood techniques to make recruiting and propaganda films, and basically has its own Twitter army. The June meetings were essentially a sequel to a three-day summit convened by the White House in February on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) through community-based strategies.

Oh boy, watch out ISIS, we’re going to behead you with snarky tweets, and carpet bomb you with snapchat posts!! It’ll be like Normandy, but on the beaches of facebook and Instagram!!

“U.S. filmmakers and social-media folks met with a bunch of international and regional filmmakers and broadcasters [at the Sunnylands estate],” a senior State Department official told The Daily Beast. “We had people who were at the top of their field. The goal was to continue the dialogue started at the [White House] summit.”

Sunnylands was in charge of pulling together the roster of talent, and invited the State Department to participate. One of the goals was to connect Middle Eastern filmmakers with influential Hollywood figures to start plotting “how to engage and empower storytellers [to] create alternative and positive narratives, and how to talk about youth empowerment,” according to the official, who works on these initiatives.

But even though President Buzzfeed has done so great propagandizing Americans, most of his efforts to propagandize FOR America has failed short:

“ISIS’s message is that Muslims are being killed and that they’re the solution,” Alberto Fernandez, coordinator at the State Department’s Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, told The Atlantic earlier this year. “We don’t have a counter-narrative that speaks to that. What we have is half a message: ‘Don’t do this.’ But we lack the ‘do this instead.’ That’s not very exciting. The positive narrative is always more powerful, especially if it involves dressing in black like a ninja, having a cool flag, being on television, and fighting for your people.”

Ah well. That’s encouraging.

If you all will remember, I predicted this more than a year ago!

Here’s what an Obama drone hashtag twitter attack might look like!!!

I bet those goat-romancers are quaking in their boots!!!

Jake Tapper Demands Ben Carson Admit His Muslim Position Is The Same As RACISM Against Blacks!

Planned Parenthood Kills 1,000 TIMES AS MANY Blacks Than Law Enforcement Does Per Year

While the liberal media tries to smear Carly Fiorina for her powerful speech on Planned Parenthood during the second GOP debate, there’s real statistics on Planned Parenthood that they’ll never report on.

How about this one – about a THOUSAND times more black children are killed just by Planned Parenthood than blacks are killed by law enforcement every year.

Here are some more stats:

Never seen those stats on the mainstream media, have you? It’s because they’re too busy whipping up the “Black Lives Matter” movement against law enforcement, instead of pointing out the incredibly disproportional murders by blacks of other blacks, and abortion centers that target blacks.

Here’s how you arrive at the stat showing Planned Parenthood kills 1,000 more blacks than law enforcement. [h/t OneNewsNow]

According to Planned Parenthood, they 327,653 abortions in 2013, and the CDC says 36% of abortions are on black babies. That means about 111,955 black children are killed in Planned Parenthood centers.

And that’s if they’re done proportionally to the national average – they most likely kill many more since they admit that they target areas with high concentrations of minorities, just like Margaret Sanger would have wanted.

But if we take that liberal stat and apply it to the 113 blacks killed by law enforcement every year, it’s about 1,000 times as many.

And, further, that’s assuming that every single death by law enforcement is unjustified – obviously some of those would be, if not the majority.

So what’s the real black genocide?

Iran’s Rouhani Embarrasses Obama And Kerry With Statement on Assad And ISIS Today

The Donald Posts Tweet Declaring Putin’s ‘BRILLIANCE’!

El Trumpo went on a retweeting binge to pick up all the adoration from fawning supporters, as he usually does, but he also retweeted one that praised Putin’s “brilliance”:

The interview was from last night where Scott Pelley hit the Donald with tough questions, while Vladimir Putin was asked questions like, “why are you so popular.” I’m not joking, that was actually a question Vladimir received:

In any case, it could be that with Trump’s myopic and solipsistic focus on praise for himself that he didn’t even notice the praise for our number one geopolitical foe.

Or maybe he did – strongmen of a feather flock together. I wonder if he’s already told him that he’ll have more “flexibility” after the election?

YUGE POLL Has Ben Carson TIED With TRUMP!!! Clinton Continues COLLAPSE To Socialist Bernie!!

Inspiring: The Pope Blessed Rick Santorum’s Daughter Bella

Whatever you think of the Pope’s progressive positions, you cannot deny that he brings a lot of consolation and happiness to those who believe in his holiness and were able to encounter him.

One such person is Bella, Rick Santorum’s daughter:

More about Bella from Life News:

Former Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum’s miracle daughter Bella has Edwards Syndrome or Trisomy 18, a chromosomal condition which results in stillbirth 50 percent of the time. She definitely wasn’t expected to live this long, but the little fighter has survived and turns 7 years old today.

Although Bella was frequently hospitalized during the first year of her life, her family has been able to care for her at home apart from needed surgeries and she has not spent any significant time in the hospital until now. That doesn’t mean life is easy.

“A simple cold can kill her,” Santorum has said, recalling her birth.

“The news from doctors was bleak, and the odds were stacked against Bella. Of the 10% of babies with Trisomy 18 who survive birth, 90% won’t make it to their first birthday. Ten days after her birth, we brought Bella home, and doctors prepared us for how she was going to die. Frankly, this made us angry; Karen and I were not going to just let Bella go, we were going to fight to give her the opportunity and the chance to do as well as she could. We did just that. We celebrated her life every day, and took nothing for granted, rejoicing in every day we had with her. And since those early, difficult days, an amazing thing has happened: Bella has defied all of the odds. Now, Bella is a ray of sunshine at the center of our family’s universe, every day inspiring our family with her joyful spirit.”

In a book he wrote, Rick admits that until Bella was five months old he was convinced that she was going to die and thought the best thing he could do was to treat her differently and not love her as he had his six older children. He believed that it wouldn’t hurt as much to lose her if he had his guard up. However, since then he’s realized that was wrong.

He said, “I remember holding that finger, looking at her and realizing what I had done. I had seen her as less of a person.”

Pretty amazing story.

EVIL: Women And Children Seen As ‘Fair Game’ For RAPE And Forced Prostitution In German Refugee Camps

SO Trump Wants To Tax The Hell Out Of Rich People To Pay For Universal Healthcare?!

I’m not sure why it took so long to smoke out mister “straight talking” Donald Trump about this issue, but apparently it just took the right journalist to press him on it, and for him to be falling slightly in the polls.

Yeah the Donald wants the rich to pay for universal healthcare paid for by the government.

Watch below:

Really the only difference between the Donald and a left-wing socialist is that the socialist doesn’t care if they’ll destroy the economy in order to get universal healthcare. But Trump is under some insane delusion that he’ll be able to negotiate out of expensive healthcare, and all we need to is trust him.


We just need to trust el Trumpo that his scheme will make us all rich, and that’ll be enough to pay for universal healthcare.

But even if he was right, do we really want the government to control our healthcare? Why would it be any better under Trump than a totalitarian leftist when they’re both giving us the same assurances?

Oh well. At least he’s finally being honest about his left-wing big government scams.

EVIL: Women And Children Seen As ‘Fair Game’ For RAPE And Forced Prostitution In German Refugee Camps

Congressional Chupacabra Pelosi Hasn’t Even SEEN the Planned Parenthood Videos, But Wants Them Investigated Anyway!!

This wretched foul wraith who takes the form of a human being had an interview with Jake Tapper this morning and said that nothing bothered her about the Planned Parenthood sting videos because she hasn’t seen them. 

But she knows they’re fake, and wants them investigated.

Watch below:

And this disgusting waste of space was just gawking and fawning over the Pope visiting. Because she’s really “Catholic.”

Degenerate Feminists Throw Condoms At Carly Fiorina During Campaign Rally!!

Jake Tapper Demands Ben Carson Admit His Muslim Position Is The Same As RACISM Against Blacks!

Jake Tapper got his best horse-beating bat out and beat a dead horse for as long as he possibly could before someone cut the interview mercifully short.

The issue was Ben Carson’s “controversial” comment that he could not support a Muslim for president unless they specifically denied the tenets of Sharia that run contrary to the Constitution. And that makes sense when Ben Carson explains that he wouldn’t support anyone who does that of any faith. But Jake Tapper just wants to behead him (rhetorically), so he latches on and doesn’t let go.

Watch below:

Towards the end, he brings out the big guns – isn’t what you did JUST LIKE RACISM AGAINST BLACKS?!?!? Get it? Because being against a totalitarian religion that people chose is the same thing as owning slaves, you guys, that’s why!!!!

Don’t you wish they would press Hillary on her emails like this? Nope, rather than do that, Chuck Todd gently tossed some softballs at her.

And the Democrat machine thanks journalism for their in-kind contribution once again.

Iran’s Rouhani Embarrasses Obama And Kerry With Statement on Assad And ISIS Today

So Iranian president Rouhani came out with a statement today saying that EVERYONE agrees that Assad needs to stay in power while they try to root out ISIS.

This was after Obama said, “Assad must go!” more than a year ago.

And John Kerry reiterated “Assad must go!!!” a few months ago!

So, basically:

Rouhani is just spitting into the faces of Obama and Kerry by saying “everyone” as if their statements didn’t exist, or America just doesn’t matter.

And it doesn’t, because we’re leading from behind.

Keep in mind also that Rouhani isn’t considered one of the “extremists” or “hard-liners” in the Iranian government, Obama and Kerry both consider him a moderate buddy of theirs.

Remember these are the idiots who say that Obama has improved America’s standing in the world. Right. Stick with that story.

Liberals Angry At Ted Cruz For Threatening Guy Who Keeps Chanting ‘Death To America’


YUGE POLL Has Ben Carson TIED With TRUMP!!! Clinton Continues COLLAPSE To Socialist Bernie!!

In a shocking poll that will no doubt have el Trumpo spitting furious anger, it looks like retired neurosurgeon has quietly scalpeled his way to tie with the former frontrunner:

Here are the results:

 In the GOP race, Trump is the first choice of 21 percent of Republican primary voters — followed by Carson at 20 percent and Rubio and Fiorina tied at 11 percent each.

Jeb Bush, meanwhile, is at 7 percent, John Kasich at 6 percent and Ted Cruz at 5 percent. No other Republican gets more than 3 percent.

Back in July’s NBC/WSJ poll, Trump was in first place at 19 percent, Scott Walker (who exited the race on Monday) was second at 15 percent, Bush third at 14 percent and Carson fourth at 10 percent. Rubio was just at 5 percent, and Fiorina didn’t register at all in the poll.

Adding both first and second choices, Carson tops the current GOP field at 35 percent – followed by Trump at 31 percent, Fiorina at 28 percent, Rubio at 26 percent and Bush at 19 percent.

The NBC/WSJ poll was conducted Sept. 20-24 — so mostly after Walker suspended his campaign on Sept. 21. Only one GOP primary voter (out of 59 interviews) had selected Walker before he was removed from the survey.

And Hillary continues to collapse like a deflated Patriots’ football:

In the Democratic race, Hillary Clinton is the first choice of 42 percent of primary voters, Sanders is in second at 35 percent and Joe Biden third at 17 percent. No other Democrat gets more than 1 percent.

When Biden – who is still mulling a campaign – is removed from the field, Clinton’s lead over Sanders grows to 15 points, 53 percent to 38 percent, which suggests that Biden’s entry would hurt Clinton more than Sanders.

Back in July, Clinton held a 34-point lead over Sanders, 59 percent to 25 percent. And in June, it was 60 points, 75 percent to 15 percent.

Pretty amazing.

This Is How Many Syrian Immigrants The Vatican Has Taken In…

JEB! Shoves His Foot In His Mouth AGAIN, This Time It’s About The Pope!

Even if he didn’t have el Trumpo just hammering the guy into the concrete, JEB! is just a disaster as a presidential candidate. He keeps shoving his big foot in his mouth and embarrassing himself.

Here’s his latest (just watch for four seconds at the 40 second mark):

Yup. JEB! says that the Pope isn’t a scientist, just a religious leader, but in point of fact, Pope Francis IS a scientist, and if he wasn’t the worst candidate this primary, he would have known that:

However, Francis holds a degree as a chemical technician and worked as a chemist before becoming a priest.

Yup, good job Jebby.

In no way am I saying the Pope is right about Global Warming, but it’s this kind of gaffe that makes our side look like idiots.

Vatican: Every Nation’s Right Of Sovereignty Has To ‘BEND’ To Meet The Dignity Of Illegal Immigrants