SMUG Kasich Offers To BUY A BIBLE For ‘screaming’ Critics Of His Obamacare Expansion! And Compares Them To ISIS…

As if John Kasich couldn’t be more of a smug a-hole about the Obamacare expansion he approved in Ohio, he is now telling his critics that he’ll buy them a Bible. Because apparently his Bible has Jesus saying, “blessed are those that shall expand government power into your private lives, for they shall earn the Republican nomination!”

Watch his idiocy below:

Oh and don’t miss the part where he says fighting conservative critics is just like fighting ISIS. WTF?!?! If this was anyone else, there would be an uproar, and it would be called a gaffe, but frankly he’s just not polling well enough for anyone to care.

This is the next guy that the GOP establishment will push after JEB! falls out of the running. A guy who would use the Bible to try to browbeat people into accepting more government in their lives. How is this dude a Republican again?!?!

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