Media Bias

Mexclusive! CNN WON’T Say Oregon Shooter’s Name, But Keeps Saying THIS NAME To Push Liberal Narrative

One of the weird feel-good bandwagon policies that many news media outlets have pursued is to stop saying the name of the despicably evil Oregon shooter, ostensibly to not encourage other insane mass murderers, and to erase his name from history.

Or at least, that’s the reason they give for doing it… but if that’s so, then why are they still saying Dylann Roof’s name and showing his images?

Oh look here’s a compilation of one of those news outlets, CNN, and all the times they’ve mentioned the Charleston killer.

Watch below the MEXCLUSIVE video supercut:

Well isn’t that weird?! Kinda seems.. hypocritical.

Or it may be that the real reason they won’t say Christopher Harper-Mercer’s name and show his picture is that he’s half black?

Remember how the entire country had to apologize for the racism that inspired Dylann Roof to shoot blacks in a Charleston church, and how we had to take down flags because they made him do it? And they paraded around that picture of him with the confederate flag as much as possible. You HAD TO SEE IT for your own good. Why was THAT image absolutely essential for every American to see, but not Mercer’s?

It’s almost as if they’re hypocritically and shamelessly pushing leftist narratives!!!

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