One Simple Fact To Blow Up Any Liberal Whining About The Cost of The Benghazi Hearings…

The new narrative that liberals are pushing against the Benghazi hearings is that it was SOOOOo expensive that we’re all going broke because of it. Weird how liberals don’t give a good damn about the debt until we use some of that cashola to investigate a Democrat!!


Oh wait.. wait.. there’s one fact that kinda screws up that entire argument. Here it is:

Yup. Our annual budget is about $3.9 trillion in 2015.

So that means we spend about $7,420,091.32, on average, per MINUTE. That means we’ve spent less on the Benghazi investigation than the government spends on average in every 40 seconds of it’s existence. It doesn’t even take the weekends or holidays off in spending!!

Keep whining you degenerate liberals.

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