‘Media Matters’ Moron Oliver Willis Tweets Cartoon placing Ben Carson under GUN CROSSHAIRS

So do you all remember when the left freaked out because Sarah Palin put gun crosshairs on a map about politicians conservatives should target for political action?

One of those leftwing morons who whined about was Media Matters’ “stupidest man with a modem” Oliver Willis.

In fact, he said THIS about crosshairs in politics:

Yeah you should never use crosshairs, because it’s irresponsible!

UNLESS you think you can do it to mock a black Conservative like Ben Carson. THEN it’s perfectly fine:

Yeah it’s a Far Side cartoon (a great one), but by identifying the bear in the cartoon as Ben Carson, isn’t Oliver Willis inspiring his mind-diseased idiot followers to go shoot Ben Carson? Of course not, but that’s the same stupid logic that he applied when whining about Sarah Palin and the “culture of hate” that turned out to have nothing to do with Jared Loughner shooting Gabby Giffords.

Just more typical hypocrisy from the degenerate left.

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