Foreign Policy

WOW Obama Gets ANGRY At Steve Kroft For Pointing Out How Putin Is HUMILIATING Him

Obama had another interview with 60 Minutes, and to Steve Kroft’s credit, he actually made Obama face up to the failures of his foreign policy in the Middle East. Of course, Obama’s ridiculous myopic arrogance won’t let him see what’s plainly obvious, and instead he gets visibly annoyed that Kroft would dare question his brilliance.

Watch below:

Kroft’s question put it as gently as possible, but even then Obama couldn’t accept it. Outside of Obama’s insular universe, the rest of the world knows that Putin is embarrassing and humiliating Obama and by extension, the United States.

Meanwhile Obama sticks to his story that Putin invading another country is a sign of “weakness.” Now that is what you call an incredible delusion. [h/t Right Scoop!]

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