Black NYPD COP DIES After Being Shot In The Head; Police Source Says Shooter Was ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ Member

Awful news tonight – for the fourth time in the last 11 months a New York City police officer has been killed. He was responding to a call of a man with a gun and gave chase.

Here’s a local news report:


Former NYPD officer John Cardillo says that his police sources indicate the shooter was a “Black Lives Matter” member:

This is the picture from Cardillo’s website of the shooter:

tyrone howard -1

Of course, these are early reports and could be incorrect.

More from CNN:

A New York Police Department officer has died after he was shot in the head while chasing a gunman in East Harlem, authorities said.

Randolph Holder, 33, was shot Tuesday night while responding to reports of a man with a gun in the area, Police Commissioner William J. Bratton said.

“He was an immigrant … in the words of Abraham Lincoln, a man who gave the full measure of devotion for a city he loved,” Mayor Bill De Blasio said.

Holder was the fourth officer killed in New York City in 11 months, Bratton said.

He is married and joined the department in 2010.

The suspect was arrested four blocks away, and is in custody with gunshot wounds to the leg, authorities said.


Here’s Mayor DeBlasio’s press conference:

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