Lincoln Chafee Makes Weird Statement About Women Withholding Sex At his Concession Speech

The unbearably white Democratic field is down an old white man as Lincoln Chafee has dropped out this morning. I guess Wolf Blitzer’s icy glare was too much for him to handle.

And then right after his concession statement, he starts talking about women withholding sex in order to stop war in an ancient Greek play. Yeah, really.

Watch below – his comments about Aristophanes begin at about the 2:15 mark:

Uhhh. Ok dude. That’s just weird. Because everyone knows Aristophanes’ best play is “the Clouds,” you dork!!

When Hillary was told that Chafee was leaving the race, she reportedly said, “who?” just like most Americans.

And now let’s take a look at the only highlight from Lincoln Chafee’s doomed presidential race… which had nothing to do with him:

Michael Steele laughs SO HARD he can barely SPEAK after ‘the Nation’ editor’s Lincoln Chafee remark

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