Syrian ‘Refugees’ TORCH Their UN-Supplied TENTS In Protest, Take SELFIES With The Destruction!!

The peaceful Syrian refugees that were forced to go through Slovenia after Hungary closed off its borders is making sure the Slovenians hate them as much as possible by torching their tents in protest over being asked register for the rest of their trip.

From the Daily Express:

Lawless migrants at a camp in Slovenia torched their own living quarters and took SELFIES of the carnage in a shockingly dangerous act of vandalism.

Hundreds of women and children fled the Brezice Camp in terror and plumes of smoke billowed into the sky as the ferocious blaze spread like wildfire between the closely-spaced tents.



Photographs from the scene showed groups of young men wearing hoodies were the only ones left behind, with one apparently making a ‘V for victory’ sign for the cameras as a tent burnt down behind him.

Police said the gang of young men were chanting “let us go! let us go!” after they used blankets donated by the UN to set fire to the tents.

And if there’s going to be an iconic image of the migrants celebrating destruction in Europe, here it is:

selfie migrant

Coming soon to our Canadian border thanks to their new commie pinko Prime Minister, and eventually here too thanks to OUR commie pinko president.

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