John Kasich CALLS OUT Donald Trump For Stealing Credit For Ford Plant Return From Mexico!!!

OK so things are getting all sorts of political crazy. Earlier we reported on how el Trumpo was trying to take credit for a Ford plant returning to American from Mexico supposedly because of his badgering.

Here’s his tweet about it:

Well some bloggers were casting aspersions on this claim, saying that the deal was made in 2011 and el Trumpo couldn’t have had anything to do with it.

Now, GOP establishment BFF and Ohio governor John Kasich is calling him out, saying that it was HIS plan that actually got Ford to return their plant!!

Here’s what he says in the post:

The truth is that Ford began moving jobs back to Ohio four years ago under the leadership of Governor John Kasich.

“Our country needs real leadership and not empty, false rhetoric. Working as a TEAM, we brought Ford production jobs back from Mexico to Ohio years ago. That’s how things really get done. Hard work and teamwork brings results for the people,” said Governor John Kasich. “Our nation needs a leader with a record of actually delivering for all of us, that’s why I’m running for President.”

When the Governor announced Ford onshoring of jobs in 2011 the Vice President of Ford North America Manufacturing said it was “enabled by the Governor and his strong leadership.”

And yet, el Trumpo is still taking credit:

Oh boy. Looks we got the makins of a Twitter feud!! By gar it’s been awhile!!!

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