WATCH ‘Black Lives Matter’ Shut Down Hillary Speech At ‘African Americans For Hillary’ Rally!!

Yes I love it when leftists eat each other up for not being sufficiently radical or extremist enough!! Today’s edition has the morons of the “Black Lives Matter” movement interrupted Hillary’s “African Americans for Hillary” rally with their idiotic signs and chanting!

Watch below:

This is what they were chanting:

More from ABC news:

Hillary Clinton was interrupted multiple times today by Black Lives Matter protesters at her first “African Americans for Hillary” rally in Atlanta.

The group of activists chanted “Black Lives Matter” as Clinton delivered her speech on racial injustice and criminal justice reform.

Clinton at first acknowledged them: “Yes they do and I’m going to talk a lot about that in a minute,” she said.

“Now, now my friends I am going to get to some very important points that actually prove that black lives do matter and we have to take action together,” Clinton said. “And I hope that we’ll have a chance to talk more as I have been meeting with activists from the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“I’m sorry they didn’t listen because some of what they’ve been demanding, I am offering,” Clinton said.

Here’s a black Hillary supporter telling them that “now is not the time!” Oh boy, they didn’t like that!

The morons put out a statement which really annoyed Oliver Willis, the “stupidest man with a modem” at Media Matters:

Here’s the statement:

Yes!! Keep destroying each other, we conservatives LOVE IT!! Muahahaha!!!


This is one of the leaders of the disruption today:


And I just have to ask – if Hillary can’t shut up a black kid in a man-bun, how can we trust her to protect us from ISIS?! Hmmmmm….