ABSURD: Parent’s Sign Asks ‘Responsible’ Neighbors To Only Hand Out Carrot Sticks, Raisins For Halloween!!

Oh boy. Thanks to those among us that have a peanut allergy, everyone else has to have a crappy Halloween. That’s what it means to be a sensitive, “responsible” American these days.

Here’s the sign asking parents to only hand out carrot sticks, raisins and other boring treats:

Wow. I feel bad for those kids that don’t have as great a time at Halloween but do we really need to cheapen every other kid’s experience? Can’t this parent teach their kid not to accept those treats, or even better, trade those with their friends for acceptable treats? I dunno, this just seems a little extreme to me.

But then most people accuse me of being a jerk, so there’s that. What do y’all think?

Ted Cruz OBLITERATES CNBC On BIASED Questions And Gets HUGE applause for it!! #GOPdebate

Brooke Baldwin Slams The Screeching Harpies Of The View For Mocking Carly Fiorina

If there’s one thing that liberals hate it’s when any minority spurns their ideology and becomes a conservative. That’s when they get the most vicious, and sometimes it gets so bad that even other liberals have to call them out.

That’s exactly what happened with Brooke Baldwin and the View.

Watch below:

I have to commend Baldwin on her honesty because her previous comments make her appear to be pretty liberal, but she stopped toeing the line and criticized the disgusting harpies of “the View.”

And these are exactly the kind of morons that would screech and squawk if someone made fun of a liberal woman in the same manner, showing just how hypocritical and intellectually dishonest feminists are.

BOOM! Ben Carson Tops Trump In Another State Poll!!

Video Comparison Of CNBC’s Belittling, INSULTING Questions To CNN’s Open-Ended SOFTBALL Questions Of Dems

In a really good segment on the absurdly insulting and snide questions asked during the CNBC debate, Megny Kelly compares them to the serious questions asked to Dems that completely served their political agenda.

I cut the comparison questions into a short 30 sec video for the Attention-Deficit-Disordered among us:

Watch below the full video (from 1:40 to 4:15 marks):

It’s really remarkable. The Republicans were compared to comic book characters and smugly mocked by the moderators, while the Democrats were given questions like, “who or what is the greatest national security threat to the United States?” and “how would you protect the environment better,” and “hey do you support expanding Social Security and Medicaid”?

There’s just no comparison, and there’s a clear and obvious bias here that even a stupid liberal could see.

So what are the Republicans gonna do about it?

SooperPodcast #171!! Fantasy Foozeball Week 8 With Kim Marcum Matt Dawson!!

WATCH ‘Black Lives Matter’ Shut Down Hillary Speech At ‘African Americans For Hillary’ Rally!!

Yes I love it when leftists eat each other up for not being sufficiently radical or extremist enough!! Today’s edition has the morons of the “Black Lives Matter” movement interrupted Hillary’s “African Americans for Hillary” rally with their idiotic signs and chanting!

Watch below:

This is what they were chanting:

More from ABC news:

Hillary Clinton was interrupted multiple times today by Black Lives Matter protesters at her first “African Americans for Hillary” rally in Atlanta.

The group of activists chanted “Black Lives Matter” as Clinton delivered her speech on racial injustice and criminal justice reform.

Clinton at first acknowledged them: “Yes they do and I’m going to talk a lot about that in a minute,” she said.

“Now, now my friends I am going to get to some very important points that actually prove that black lives do matter and we have to take action together,” Clinton said. “And I hope that we’ll have a chance to talk more as I have been meeting with activists from the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“I’m sorry they didn’t listen because some of what they’ve been demanding, I am offering,” Clinton said.

Here’s a black Hillary supporter telling them that “now is not the time!” Oh boy, they didn’t like that!

The morons put out a statement which really annoyed Oliver Willis, the “stupidest man with a modem” at Media Matters:

Here’s the statement:

Yes!! Keep destroying each other, we conservatives LOVE IT!! Muahahaha!!!


This is one of the leaders of the disruption today:

And I just have to ask – if Hillary can’t shut up a black kid in a man-bun, how can we trust her to protect us from ISIS?! Hmmmmm….

CNN’s Sally Kohn Wildly Exaggerates Child Gun Deaths In America, FORCED To Correct

Perpetual loony leftist liar and occasional CNN commentator Sally Kohn made a claim about gun deaths that was so stupid and exaggerated that it would only get past the fetid sewer of a diseased liberal mind.

Check it out:

Apparently the dimwit doesn’t know how to use google because she gets all her statistics from overhearing them on television:

Recently, my CNN colleague Mel Robbins made a startling point. Robbins was on “Legal View” to discuss the case of an 11-year-old who shot and killed an 8-year-old neighbor when host Ashleigh Banfield noted that 10,000 children are killed by guns every year.

Almost immediately, people who have a clue and also regularly consult with reality has to set the moron straight. Foremost among these was retired NYPD cop John Cardillo:

Wow. I would say it was intentional, but these “journalists” are so incompetent that I wouldn’t be surprised if they just didn’t check anything before publishing it. After tons and tons of gun advocates voiced their anger at the ridiculous lies, Sally Kohn finally responded:

But it doesn’t matter – I’m sure we’ll see the false 10,000 number pop up all over the place now, because liberals don’t care about what’s true, only what’s politically expedient.

UPDATE: Spring Valley Closeup Video Shows Girl STRIKING Cop Multiple Times

SooperPodcast #172!! Drunk GOP Debate Analysis With Drunk Matt Dawson And Broken-Toed Jessica!!

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BIDEN LIES!! CHANGES Story On Bin Laden Raid That He’s Told MANY MANY Times…

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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Here’s The Entire GOP Debate Sooper-Visualized By Eight Hilarious Gifs!!

SO there was a debate tonight. And here’s how it went.

In eight gif visualizations of the best and worst performances of the night:

And here was my score-card for the night:

And some screenshots of the debate:

Yes, it was pretty awesome.

John Kasich CALLS OUT Donald Trump For Stealing Credit For Ford Plant Return From Mexico!!!

Ted Cruz OBLITERATES CNBC On BIASED Questions And Gets HUGE applause for it!! #GOPdebate

So far the most electrifying moment of the debate has been Ted Cruz taking his chance to rip into the media and absolutely destroy CNBC on their bias.

Watch the amazingness below:


BOOM!!! Ted Cruz really made the most of the moment afforded him and his listing all the sins of the moderators showed off his impressive intellect. Awesome job.

No, Ai Weiwei, Lego Refusing To Sell You Bricks In Bulk Isn’t ‘Censorship’ Or ‘Discrimination’

BOOM! Ben Carson Tops Trump In Another State Poll!!

While el Trumpo demands that Iowans quit screwing around and start showing up at the polls for him, he might want to take a trip south to good’ol Texas too.

From CBS Dallas Fort Worth:

A KTVT-CBS 11 / Dixie Strategies Poll of over 2,000 likely primary voters in Texas shows a pitched battle taking place at the top of the GOP ticket and Clinton dominance on the Democrat side.

Statewide, among likely GOP Primary voters, Dr. Ben Carson and real estate mogul Donald Trump are in a virtual tie at 22.93% and 22.17% respectively. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the next nearest competitor at 14.27% with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush not too far behind Cruz at 12.65%. All other GOP candidates are polling under 7% with Florida Senator Marco Rubio ahead of former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina (6.57% and 4.57% respectively).

When looking at respondents in the DFW Area, the numbers vary a bit. Carson (23.11%) leads Trump (20.45%) by almost 3 points with Cruz (16.67%) and Bush (13.64%) in third and fourth place respectively. All other GOP candidates poll under 6% in the DFW area.

Carson only leads El Trumpo by one point which is within the margin of error, but it’s yet another crack in what has been the Donald’s dominance in the polling until this last week.

Will the cracks continue or will the Donaldinator shore up his support?

Dinesh D’Souza EXPOSES Hillary’s HUGE LIE Discovered At The Benghazi Hearing!

SooperPodcast #171!! Fantasy Foozeball Week 8 With Kim Marcum Matt Dawson!!

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Capitalism Causes Evil Things Like Zionism, Global Warming, And Destruction Of Sea Otter Habitats Says Liberal Wanting To Ban White Artists

This has got to be one of the more bat-$hit crazy clips of a liberal being as liberal as they could possibly be.

Just watch it, I’ll explain afterward:



So Max Geller runs some idiotic group called “Renoir Sucks At Painting,” but as he explains why he thinks this is a “social justice” movement, it’s because Renoir is a white male.

When the news anchor pushes back with this question,  “why not let the free market dictate who’s paintings are good enough?” Max answers with one of the most liberal sentences in the long history of stupidity:

“I think when we let the free market dictate things, we get things like, uh, climate change, we get things like the prison industrial complex, like Zionism, and y’know, the destruction of sea otter habitats.”

The news anchors were pretty befuddled after that.

Here’s the entire segment if you feel the need to waste a few minutes your life laughing at idiocy:

What’s rather funny is that it appears that everyone in the tiny merry band of idiots protesting for this cause against white artists are…. white. Max admits his Marxist motivations towards the end when he talks about marching through our cultural institutions. Unfortunately, not all Marxists are as impotent and stupid as Max is…

‘Government Isn’t A Conspiracy To OPPRESS You, It’s US!’ – Obama Desperately Defends His One True Love

UPDATE: Spring Valley Closeup Video Shows Girl STRIKING Cop Multiple Times

So the Black Lives Matter people are freaking out over a new video showing a police officer taking down a kid in a classroom.

Here it is:

Well. OK. That actually does seem kind of excessive. He doesn’t talk to her much and either drags or throws her to the other side of the room. I’m usually on the side of the police, but I think this event should be investigated and appropriate action taken.

The 14-year-old was being disruptive in class, and wouldn’t leave when ordered:

A video has surfaced online of an incident between a Spring Valley High School student and a school resource officer that occurred inside a classroom.

The video began spreading on social media sites Monday afternoon. In it, a female student can be seen sitting in her chair in a classroom where several other students are present. An officer can be seen grabbing the student out of her desk, causing the chair to flip over. Once the student is on the ground, the officer can be seen grabbing the student and dragging her for several feet.

The officer then tells the girl to put her hands behind her back. The video stops at that point.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is the agency that has school resource officers at Spring Valley High. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott tells News19 that a disruptive student refused to leave after a teacher asked her to. An administrator was called to the room, and also asked the student to leave, Lott said, and she refused again. Finally, the school resource officer came to the room. Lott said the officer forcibly removed the student and she resisted arrest.

So, she was being an idiot. But I’m not sure that action was appropriate.


As is typical, the left believes there’s absolutely no reason ever ever for a cop to do this, and the right believes a cop can do this always all the time for whatever reason they say.

But to be honest, this better video makes me have more sympathy for the cop, as she clearly strikes him multiple times:



The Right Scoop has a poll on it if you want to register your opinion. Tell me what you think in the comments, especially if you’re in law enforcement.

And check out my op-ed defense of the police featured at Fox News Latino for more context on my thoughts on the matter.

El Trumpo Slams Carson As ‘Sooper-Low-Energy’ Says The Iowa Polls ARE LYING

‘It Has NOT Been Easy For Me… My Dad Gave Me A SMALL Loan Of A Million Dollars…”

The total losers and the haters in the media are unfairly grasping onto comments el Trumpo made this morning with Matt Lauer about how he had it hard because his dad only gave him a million dollar loan to start off.

Watch below:

Trump DID NOT HAVE IT EASY. His dad even forced him to pay interest on the million dollar loan he received!! And he STILL became a billionaire. Yuge!!!

Hmmm… wait doesn’t that kind remind you of… THIS?!?!?

Oh wait that was Hillary, it was stupid when she said it. It’s AWESOME when Trump says similar. Make America GRATE Again!!!

Syrian ‘Refugees’ TORCH Their UN-Supplied TENTS In Protest, Take SELFIES With The Destruction!!

John Kasich CALLS OUT Donald Trump For Stealing Credit For Ford Plant Return From Mexico!!!

OK so things are getting all sorts of political crazy. Earlier we reported on how el Trumpo was trying to take credit for a Ford plant returning to American from Mexico supposedly because of his badgering.

Here’s his tweet about it:

Well some bloggers were casting aspersions on this claim, saying that the deal was made in 2011 and el Trumpo couldn’t have had anything to do with it.

Now, GOP establishment BFF and Ohio governor John Kasich is calling him out, saying that it was HIS plan that actually got Ford to return their plant!!

Here’s what he says in the post:

The truth is that Ford began moving jobs back to Ohio four years ago under the leadership of Governor John Kasich.

“Our country needs real leadership and not empty, false rhetoric. Working as a TEAM, we brought Ford production jobs back from Mexico to Ohio years ago. That’s how things really get done. Hard work and teamwork brings results for the people,” said Governor John Kasich. “Our nation needs a leader with a record of actually delivering for all of us, that’s why I’m running for President.”

When the Governor announced Ford onshoring of jobs in 2011 the Vice President of Ford North America Manufacturing said it was “enabled by the Governor and his strong leadership.”

And yet, el Trumpo is still taking credit:

Oh boy. Looks we got the makins of a Twitter feud!! By gar it’s been awhile!!!

Trump SuperPAC Shuts Down After One Reporter Calls And Asks Questions!