Democrat Congresswoman Says Obama Is ‘Working Hand-In-Hand With Islamic Extemists’!

In an interview with Bill Maher, Democrat Congresswmoman Tulsi Gabbard said that Obama’s foreign policy was so incompetent that he was “essentially working hand-in-hand with Islamic extremists.”

Watch below:

Now a lot of less reputable websites are yelling “treason treason!!” but Tulsi is not saying that he is actually calling up ISIS and getting commands from them on how to help the Caliphate become a reality on Earth. She is pointing out that in making enemies of two sides in a five-sided Civil War, Obama is stupidly working against himself when trying to topple Assad because that will help ISIS.

Not that Obama hasn’t committed treason against the Constitution and America many times over. He has! But that’s not what Tulsi is admitting to here.

Her main point is that because Obama cannot identify WHO the enemy is, and he cannot identify WHAT the mission is that he’s putting our soldiers into harm’s way. And she’s absolutely right. It is not out of jingoism that we claim we have the most incredibly capable and lethal military in the world, it’s just true. But it’s an egregious misuse of the office of the presidency when Obama sends them into combat (though they idiotically deny it’s actually combat) and hamstring them with restrictive rules of engagement.

Although she’s a Democrat, you gotta respect her willingness to call out Obama on these issues…

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