‘Not ONE MORE Deportation!’ – Extremist Illegal Alien Advocates Protest At Texas Police Station, Blame Obama

Illegal alien advocate idiots protested against deportations at a police station in Texas by staging a “die in” and chanting all sorts of stupid crap.

Interestingly, they blamed Obama for deportations during his two terms:

They are demanding ALL deportations stop:


IN actuality, Obama has severely cut down the number of deportations in America while changing the way we count the deportations, making it appear as if he’s increased them to provide cover for his illegal executive action on immigration.

Listen to the chants in these videos:

“Down with deportation”? Without any deportation you basically have open borders. Not even the idiot Democrats are dumb enough to advocate for this, but the media never shows how extremist these illegal alien advocates really are.

Here they are accosting the police:

I thought they were “hiding in the shadows”?

I think the tweeter is calling for more “sanctuary city” policies.

And their idiotic “Die In”:

Ugh.. where are the cops with their nightsticks?! That’s what we buy them those things for, to beat in hippy skulls!!!