Disgusting ‘Deport Racism’ Video Makers’ Abuse Of Children Is The Real Insult To Latinos

I’m not sure what I hate more, adults making kids curse for political purposes, or illegal alien advocacy, but this infuriating video doesn’t make me choose between the two, since it utilizes both pathetic ideas.

Some morons thought it would be great to make kids curse out Trump and Republicans, and here’s the despicable video below:

The Daily Caller has a transcript of part of the speech the kid gives:

Hola, Donald Trump. Screaming, “get out of my country,” Republicans use offensive words, so here’s a few of our own. Fuck you, racist fuck. We’re Latino kids born in the USA, and we’ve got something to say. I’m Rosa. I’m Ricardo. My friends call me Rick, but you keep calling me anchor baby? Wow. Racist dick. When you say Mexican immigrants are rapists, murderers, and drug dealers, you know it’s racist code for words like spics, wetbacks and beaners. And you have attacked people for speaking Mexican in this nation. It’s Spanish, idiota. Maybe a little less hairspray and more education? Millions of working Latinos would be deported if you get your loco way, pendejo. If you’re in the White House, for America, there would be nothing but bad hair days. Yo, Trump. You may be high in the polls, thanks to pinches racist suckers, but your whole thing has to come from me if you try to deport my abuelita, motherfuckers! You see, the Constitution makes me a citizen, and you hate that because I’m brown! And you say you’re a patriot? But you want to tear the Bill of Rights? How? I’m an American, born in the USA. This is my home. You can’t take my rights away. If you don’t like our Constitution and what it stands for, get the fuck out of my country. There’s the door!

Whoever made this video should be ashamed of themselves for encouraging such vulgarities in children. It really is disgusting, and of the Latino families I know, not ONE would put up with this kind of behavior from their children.

This looks just like the video put out by leftists a while ago to cash in on feminism where they made cute little girls curse too. It was just as pathetic back then too.

I found some Hispanics who hated the video on their Facebook page as much as I did:

latino response to deport racism

What a bunch of degenerate pendejos these movie-makers. And they say that Trump is using extreme rhetoric? This is just gonna inflame both sides and give Trump more ammunition against illegal immigrants. Great job idiots!!

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