Shaun King Says Latest Project Only Raised $10,000 – Supporters Don’t Believe Him…

This just gets better and better. Earlier today the hashtag #ShaunKingLetMeDown was trending as former supporters started calling out the race-baiting opportunist after he announced that his latest project, “Justice Together,” was shutting down. I posted the story that got the hashtag going here. 

And then this bombshell dropped:

shaun king 10000 donations

And that’s a problem. His project was supposed to be able to spend $25,000 a month, and it got help from the likes of that leftist whale Michael Moore. So I think he’s gonna have a tough time convincing people that he raised less than $10k in all the months of its operation, and all the support he was getting.

UPDATE: I just realized something – notice he doesn’t say all donations, but those from “individual donors” – that doesn’t include what he might have gotten from foundations and other institutions. Makes you wonder….

UPDATE II: And he’s reiterating that figure on Twitter, but this time without the qualification:


Here’s a good question:

Oh and just for fun let’s toss this in too:

It looks like Shaun King is gonna have a rough day tomorrow…

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