KKK HYSTERIA Grips Mizzou Campus!! Student Prez CONFIRMS KKK Attacks, Then Says Stop Spreading Rumors!!

Blacks everywhere are fearing for their lives as rumors that hordes of KKK armies are marching up and down the University of Missouri campus are spreading like wildfire on social media.

Now none of that is actually happening, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a hysteria. So join in the fun.

Here’s a Facebook post from the Student Association President confirming the presence of the KKK on campus:

mizzou tweet kkk

Everybody freaked out, because clearly white people are letting racists pillage and murder everybody all over the place:

That’s so scary!! If only there was some way that young people might take video or audio of the KKK and post them on some sort of information data device or… network of some kind!! Ah well maybe someday we’ll have such technological marvels.

I guess we’re just gonna have to take these reports on face value.. oh wait.. wait…

Oh. So it was an unconfirmed rumor. Darn. Well I think we should all panic anyway.


There are reports of students evacuating and fleeing the campus. If that’s the case, it’s because of stupid rumors, not because of a real threat.

mizzou tweet

[h/t to Hapax Legomenon]

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