Trump Says Putin Was Just ‘Doing What He Had To Do’ When He SHOT DOWN CIVILIAN Airliner!

Here’ s a chilling vision of the future – President Trump shooting down civilian airliners and responding, “eh. I had to do what I had to do!”

Watch below:

Oddly enough, Trump provided cover for Putin when a report said that the Russians definitely shot down the Malaysian airliner where nearly 300 died. First he said he probably did it, then he said we’ll never know who did it.

OK, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt – perhaps he misheard O’Reilly, or he thought he was talking about Putin shooting down military planes. But even then, he really doesn’t mind Putin invading Ukraine, and it almost seems like he admires Putin for his moxy. But if you’re a Trump-lover, you’ll probably cheer that too.

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