WTF?! Before Paris Attacks, Obama Officials Were Concerned About Syrian Immigrant Threat, But Not Anymore?!

Thanks to these great video clips from the awesome Free Beacon, I am in utter bewilderment as to what the hell is going on in the Obama administration.

They put together a handful of times that Obama’s own officials admitted and warned about the terrorist threat among Syrian refugees.

Watch below:

And yet, Obama is now mocking Republicans for saying exactly what his own administration says!!!

How the holy hell is there any rational explanation for this when the event that signaled a change in their policy was the Paris terrorist attacks???

I usually tell people not to look to conspiracy theories when blind incompetence and stupidity will explain events more simply, but in this case, it really does appear like Obama is actually turning administration policy towards what they’ve already admitted puts Americans in grave risk.

Obama Statement On #Paris Terror: ‘I DON’T WANT TO SPECULATE ON WHO DID THIS’