EVEN SYRIAN AMERICANS Don’t Want Syrian Refugees In America!!!

I think liberals are going to have a tough time calling these opponents of Syrian refugee resettlement “racist” and “xenophobic” for one really good reason – they’re Syrians themselves!!

From the LeHigh Valley Live:

A few days ago, a pastor asked Syrian-born restaurant owner Marie Jarrah to donate food to a welcoming event for recently arrived Syrian refugees. Jarrah, who said she regularly helps people in need, declined.

Like many of Allentown’s establishment Syrians, she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to bring refugees to the city. She clung to that view even before last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris. “Problems are going to happen,” said Jarrah, co-owner of Damascus Restaurant in a heavily Syrian enclave.

As debate intensifies nationally over the federal government’s plan to accept an additional 10,000 refugees from war-ravaged Syria, a similar argument is taking place in Allentown — one with a sectarian twist.

Pennsylvania’s third-largest city is home to one of the nation’s largest populations of Syrians. They are mostly Christian and, in no small number, support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — a dynamic that’s prompting some of them to oppose the resettlement of refugees, who are Muslim and say they fled violence perpetrated by the Assad regime.’

Aziz Wehbey, an Allentown auto dealer and president of the American Amarian Syrian Charity Society, worries some Syrian refugees might have taken part in the fighting in Syria’s civil war and have “blood on their hands.”

“We need to know who we are welcoming in our society,” said Wehbey, who immigrated to the United States a quarter-century ago and became a citizen.

The AP goes on to interview other Syrian Americans who don’t see a problem with resettlement, but it’s really striking that enough Americans of Syrian descent look at them suspiciously.

Maybe we shouldn’t shrug off their concerns so easily, huh?

It must be emphasized also how those Christians are generally on the side of Assad, who protected minority groups in Syria when he was in power. Now they’re being slaughtered by ISIS and other extremists while Obama keeps promising to oust him…

Here’s a video of Syrian Americans protesting against Obama’s war on Assad earlier this year:

Quit Spreading False Rumors Of 10,000 Syrian Immigrants In New Orleans!!!