Media Bias

Here Are THREE Simple Things You Can Do To Help DISMANTLE The Mainstream Media!!

I’ve been thinking lately about how conservatives really need to coordinate our efforts a little better. My personal mission is to prove the left-wing bias of the mainstream media every day that I can. But if you want to help to also reduce their efficacy and begin to destroy their stranglehold over our culture, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Let me count the ways you and I can defeat the power of the left-leaning media lapdogs.

A Little Background:

As with all industries in a free market economy, the press depends on profit to sustain itself. In the last few years, the newspaper industry has suffered incredible blows to their business model because of the internet. Very simply, independent online news websites are eating their lunch.

Now the drawback to this is that there’s less original reporting because news outlets just can’t afford to hire people that are generating new content. And that’s a bad thing.

But the good news is this: the stranglehold that left-leaning journalists have had on the profession is lessening as online news websites crowd them out of the market.

That’s why you hear so much bitching and moaning from old news formats about bloggers and other online news sources.

And whenever there is a seismic shift in an industry, there’s an opportunity for us to use that to our advantage.

SO here’s where you can make a difference by simply changing your daily news consumption habits every day.

1) Stop retweeting, posting, and referring links to news outlets you know are biased against you.

CBS, NBC and ABC all have news organizations that most conservatives despise because we know they mostly hate us and when their guard is down, they show it. So why are you still tweeting and posing their links? STOP THAT. When you see a story that you want to comment on or that you find interesting, don’t link to a mainstream media source. Find a conservative outlet that offers commentary that’s more aligned to your political interests on that story. Maybe it’s the Right Scoop, maybe it’s my website. Actually just link those two. But my point is this – every single time you post their links, you put a few cents into their pockets. When millions of us do it, it adds up to us giving them tons of profit per year. Starve them out. Link instead to conservative websites you like and trust. Like US for instance!!

I cringe every time I see one of my followers post a Huffington post link or a Mediaite link or a Buzzfeed link to a story, when I know that I’ve covered it from a right-wing extremist Mexy angle on the Right Scoop or my site.

And it’s not limited to news stories – what about cool or funny viral stuff that left-leaning sites like Buzzfeed posts in order to get clicks? WE post that stuff TOO!! Link to US and not to THEM.

STOP giving your enemies links and money, and start supporting your political allies who agree with you.

2) When commenting on a ridiculous or outrageous story from the mainstrem media, don’t link to them!!

I see this so many times in my timeline on Facebook and Twitter. Good conservatives want to mock and deride Huffington Post or or some other idiotic liberal news outlet and they post their links. Brilliant. Now instead of just commenting about them, you’re helping them get ad revenue. It gets even worse when they purposely troll us for links by outraging us with dumb headlines or stories.

You know how to defuse that? Take a screenshot of the story and post that instead.

Here’s an example – I do this all the time on Twitter:

Or let’s go back to rule 1 and find a good conservative commentary on the story instead. That’s how you starve the left-leaning media beast instead of feeding it.

3) Stop reposting dishonest sites and check your sources!!!

Some of us are honest bloggers who are trying to defeat liberal left narratives through verifiable sources and scoops. Others are just feeding the outrage machine on social media in order to get more clicks and shares and cash in on the political movement. They’re shysters and dishonest grifters, and when you carelessly retweet their posts, you discredit yourself and our movement.

Do you know the old saying, “if it’s too good to be true it probably is”? There’s a corollary for our outrage-fueled social media world: if a headline makes you insanely angry and confirms your political biases enough to make you want to share without checking if it’s true, then it’s probably not true.

Don’t be manipulated by shysters and scam artist bloggers on the right or the left. Make sure that the headline isn’t misleading you, that the story is true and not an attempt to manipulate your feelings into reposting and tossing ill-gotten ad revenue into a deceitful blogger’s pockets.

Just like our goal is to starve out the biased left-leaning media, we also don’t want to reward people for lying to us.

Check the source, don’t retweet or repost unless you know for sure the headline is accurate and true. The only exception is if it’s the Right Scoop or my website, because you can trust us. I mean.. c’mon.

Anyway, class is ended. Let me know what you think of these social media strategies. I truly believe that if enough people did this we would see an acceleration of the implosion of the old media gatekeepers, and perhaps a renaissance of new media sources that are more open and honest with their political sympathies.

Well what are you waiting for? Go forth and repost some more!!!