SooperPodcast #177!! Rocky And Bullwinkle, ISIS and #Mizzou! With Jessica Heddings And Matt Dawson!!


This week we talk about the Paris attacks, dumb viral videos, Matt’s big investigative blogger moment, @DefendWallSt makes a triumphant return to the podcast (kinda), we sing the Golden Girls theme song (again), SooperMexican self-modeds himself, and Jessica Heddings has tons of technical issues and is mean again. And probably drunk.

WOW!!! You have to listen now!!!

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Read the stories  we talked about on this podcast here:

‘Anonymous’ Says ISIS Plans To ATTACK WWE Event Sunday, FBI Confirms Threat

Dear State Dept PLEASE Let Michael Moore House Syrian Refugees At His Mansions!!

C’mon Internet, That Viral ‘But We Have Flowers’ Paris Video Is Stupid And You KNOW IT!

Trump Says He Would ‘Certainly Implement’ A National Datebase For Muslims, Then Says He Wouldn’t Maybe…

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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