Hey Dodge, Your ‘Hunger Games’ Commercial Is Insultingly Stupid

I just realized how stupid this line is in the new Dodge Ram commercial that tries to tie-in to the “Hunger Games” hysteria among pre-teen girls. Because that’s their key market target.


I mean it’s kinda cool that they’re “saluting” hard work, but how the hell do you tie that in to fictional characters from a movie based on a book sold to girls?

I’m thinking specifically of this line:

What’s the intent here? Are men gonna look at that commercial and say, “damn, Katniss Everdeen is just like me, a hard worker. I think I’m gonna go git myself a truck. And watch that movie in it.”

The rest of the internet seemed to agree with me:

Since Obama was elected? People are forced to salute him, right?

Even this incontinent loudmouth thought the same:

C’mon Dodge Ram, get your $#&t together. We don’t expect your capitalist ventures to be terribly original, but at least have them not insult our intelligence.

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