Happy Thanksgiving, The Quintessential American Holiday…

happy thanksgiving

There are three ways in which Thanksgiving represents the values of America better than nearly any other holiday. Let’s run through them, shall we?


There are all sorts of beliefs about what happiness consists in, but one of the keys is gratefulness. It doesn’t matter what you have, if you’re grateful for what many or few blessings God has given you, you’ll be much happier than someone who is always envying what others have. It’s so important that we have an entire holiday dedicated to it, and it’s one of our most cherished holidays, because that’s one of our most cherished values.


It’s important to note that our country places such a high value on happiness that it’s enshrined in our Declaration of Independence. But it’s phrased in such a way to emphasize that the individual has the power over their own happiness – the government doesn’t guarantee happiness, it merely allows for the freedom of an individual to pursue their own happiness.


But there’s one last very important piece of this holiday – in order for you to be grateful, you have to be grateful TO something. I don’t understand how an atheist practices Thanksgiving – what or who are they thankful to? But for the rest of us, it’s easy, because we recognize that all the beauty and goodness in the world has a source that is ultimate goodness, and that is God. And from the very beginning of this holiday, and from the founding of the country, we’ve recognized and honored that source of all good things.

And that’s why Thanksgiving is uniquely American. 

Now go hug your family and your loved ones. Because life is just too damn short.

Also root for the Dallas Cowboys today, because that’s the Right Scoop’s team!!

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