This Jake Tapper Interview With Trump Spokesman Is ‘Seriously’ Amazing…

Jake Tapper showed how much he hates Trumpers when he unfairly went after Mike Cohen and actually demanded he answer to questions!! What a jerk!!

Why is it that journalists only ask questions to Trump people, and don’t ever ask questions of anyone else?! It’s amazing!!!

I can’t believe Jake Tapper would be so unprofessional as to doubt Michael Cohen saying that Trump has never ever made an inaccurate statement. If he says so, it must be true. Is that what “journalism” is these days?!?! Terrible.

Damn straight!!

And he shamelessly posted it on Twitter too!!

What kind of jerk would do that?!?!?

Do You All Remember When We Thought The OBAMA Comparisons To Jesus Christ Were Creepy?

Trump Cancels ‘100 Black Pastors’ Press Conference After Some Say He LIED About It

El Trumpo is canceling a press conference for a meeting that had been announced as an endorsement by 100 Black Pastors after some said they had been invited but weren’t attending, and others objected to being told they were going to endorse his presidential run. 

Watch below:

Clearly all the Black Pastors are plants by the GOP establishment who are trying to destroy the Donald.

More from the Telegraph:

Donald Trump has been forced into a humiliating climbdown, cancelling a major campaign event after black church leaders complained that a private meeting was being billed as a public endorsement of the leading Republican presidential candidate.

Journalists had been invited to Trump Tower in New York on Monday to hear 100 African-American evangelical pastors endorse Mr Trump following the meeting.

But the claim prompted a number of angry denials from those involved who said they had simply agreed to hear the candidate set out his position on key issues. Others said they had declined the invitation altogether.

Here’s the earlier announcement from the New York Times:

Donald J. Trump will take the next step in his religious outreach effort next week when he announces the endorsement of a group of 100 African-American pastors and religious leaders at his Manhattan headquarters.

The Republican presidential candidate has a private meeting with the group scheduled on Monday before they make their offer of support official, according to his campaign. The endorsement comes as Mr. Trump has faced criticism for stoking racial tension and has seen his support among evangelical Christians start to waver in polls as voters consider Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Ben Carson.

Apparently this is one of the pastors who objected:

Well. El Trumpo doesn’t need your stupid endorsement anyway. Loser. 

U.S. Ally Assassinates Human Rights Lawyer In Broad Daylight, Uses Killing To Justify Despotic Policies

Ben Carson Throws Prolifers Under The Bus Over Colorado Shooting

Ben Carson agreed with the “Face the Nation” anchor that prolife “hateful rhetoric” exacerbated the shooter in Colorado, and said that both sides should tone it down.

Watch below:

Great job swallowing the liberal narrative and regurgitating it out again to blame right-wingers and the Prolife movement, Ben, we all really appreciate it.

I don’t think this is gonna play well with the base, because it ain’t playing well with me.

Here’s the full interview for context:

Trump DUMP! Biggest DROP In Polling Over A Week…

Cherry-Picking Liberals IGNORE NYT FACTS On Colorado Shooter: Wasn’t Obsessed With Either Politics Or Abortion

The cherry-picking leftist-leaning media is picking apart every morsel of information about the Colorado shooter like vultures at a carcass, in order to prove he was their wet dream of the perfect right-wing conservative crazy.

But they’re ignoring essential facts about the very-likely-crazy guy.

From the New York Times:

His former wife, Pamela Ross, 54, who was with him for 16 years or so and once called the police to accuse him of domestic violence, recalled a big man, well-groomed when she knew him, gentle and pleasant most of the time.

He was generally conservative, but not obsessed with politics. He kept guns around the house for personal protection and hunting, and he taught their son to hunt doves, as many Southern fathers do. He believed that abortion was wrong, but it was not something that he spoke about much. “It was never really a topic of discussion,” she said.

“It never, ever, ever, ever crossed my mind,” she said, that he would be capable of such a thing. “My heart just fell to my stomach.”

Not terribly interested in politics, just like his voter registration indicated too  – what about religion? She has something to say about that too:

The younger Mr. Dear was raised as a Baptist, Ms. Ross said in an interview in Goose Creek, S.C., where she now lives. He was religious but not a regular churchgoer, a believer but not one to harp on religion. “He believed wholeheartedly in the Bible,” she said. “That’s what he always said; he read it cover to cover to cover.” But he was not fixated on it, she added.

They prefer, instead, to point at the guy who said he passed out anti-Obama literature, and completely ignore that his ex-wife said he wasn’t terribly interested in politics. You think his ex-wife might have known him slightly better than a stranger?

And later…

He seemed to have a separate life online. An online personals ad seeking women in North Carolina interested in bondage and sadomasochistic sex showed a picture that appeared to be Mr. Dear and used an online pseudonym associated with him. The same user also appeared to have turned to online message boards to seek companions in the Asheville area with whom he could smoke marijuana.

On, the writer said in December 2005: “AIDS, hurricanes, we are in the end times. Accept the LORD JESUS while you can.”

Notice – when they find that a Islamist terrorist acted intemperately before committing an attack, they immediately conclude he wasn’t “really” Muslim because they wouldn’t do that stuff. When a Christian does those things, it’s just evidence that he’s a hypocrite, like all of “those people” are. The double standard against Christians and for Muslims is as plain and obvious as can be… unless you’re a disingenuous liberal who believes their agenda over reality.

Happy Thanksgiving, The Quintessential American Holiday…

Trump Announces 100 Black Pastors To Endorse Him, Lying Black Pastors Say NO WE’RE NOT!!

It’s clear that the mainstream media is trying to destroy the noble and godly Donald Trump by absolutely smearing him and lying their mendacious lies about this statement that 100 African-American pastors were going to endorse el Trumpo, our savior and lord:

Donald Trump’s campaign says he’ll pick up the endorsement of a coalition of 100 African-American pastors and evangelical leaders Monday in New York City.

The real estate mogul and Republican presidential front-runner’s campaign announced the endorsement — which it said will come after a private meeting at Trump Tower — on Wednesday.

Trump’s campaign scheduled an endorsement event for 1 p.m. ET. It has not released the names of the religious leaders who are set to endorse Trump.

That was on Friday, and they obviously planted the story so that they could do THIS today, the scumbag liars that lie:

It’s a trap!! They somehow fabricated a statement from the Donald (peace be upon him), and now they’re lying about it!!

Look here’s a pastor who probably isn’t even black saying it’s a lie!! What a jerk who’s a total loser, he’s probably jealous of Trump that’s why!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Bishop McClendon was INVITED to attend Monday’s meeting and his name was used as an invitee, but had made no plans to attend the meeting and indeed will NOT be in attendance. The meeting was presented not as a meeting to endorse but as a meeting to engage in dialogue.

He does believe that African American spiritual leaders should be listening and engaging in dialogue with any candidate who is currently, based on the polls, exhibiting a real potential for occupying the Oval Office.

Bishop McClendon has NOT made up his mind for whom he will vote in the upcoming election and had previously determined that he would not make any decision until after January 2016. He exhorts all serious minded believers to not vote on allegiance to any political party but on the basis of the Judeo-Christian ethic and their spiritually inspired conscience.

“Bishop McClendon”?! That sounds totally made up! What a loser!!

And here are more lies from the Daily Beast!! They’re going bankrupt because they’re losers so they’re lying about winners like Trump!!

Several members of a group of prominent African American ministers scheduled to meet with Donald Trump Monday are making clear that they have made no commitments to endorse the real estate magnate. Their public declarations of non-endorsement come after a press release from the Trump campaign announced a coalition of 100 African American religious leaders will appear with the real estate mogul shortly after the meeting to endorse him.

Lightweights. All of them. Black Pastors? Trump is all the black pastor I need.

Bishop Corletta Vaughn, the Senior Pastor of the Holy Spirit Cathedral of Faith in Detroit, posted a message on Facebook after she said her inbox was “blowing up with inquiries” after her name was included on a list of pastors meeting Trump.

“Let me be clear,” she wrote.  “I was invited to attend a gathering of clergy to listen to Mr. Trump on Monday November 30. I respectively (Sic.) declined as I do not support nor will endorse Donald Trump.”

“I was asked 2 meet with Mr Trump too but I refused because until he learns how to respect people you can’t represent me thru my endorsement,” Bishop Paul Morton, a prominent pastor in Atlanta tweeted on Friday.

Women can’t even be pastors, c’mon!! What a load of BS!!

The Trump campaign did not respond to questions about which ministers will endorse him on Monday.

In fact, of the pastors scheduled to meet with Trump earlier in the day, so far only one, Pastor Darrell Scott, has said he will attend the press conference to endorse Trump.

In an interview with the Daily Beast on Friday, Scott said that he had organized Monday’s meeting between Trump and black clergy, but that his invitation was for them to meet with Trump, not to endorse him.

Of course they don’t have a comment because they don’t talk to losers and haters that’s why!! Not only is Trump (peace be upon him) gonna win the African American vote, but he’s going to win the Daily Beast vote, and he’s going to make Mexico pay for it!! Losers, all of them!!

I bet Trump will show up on Monday with a THOUSAND Black Pastors to endorse him and then the media will look sooooo stupid!! Hahahahah!!

SooperPodcast #178!!! The Thanksgiving Mextravaganza!!

Tight-Faced Bette Midler Blames Congress, Republicans, For Colorado Shooting

Washed up actress was able to mumble through her taut plastic surgery face to her hired help to tweet a condemnation against Republicans and Congress for the shooting in Colorado yesterday.

Now there’s absolutely no evidence that any of this animated the crazy shooter, who apparently is a transgender weirdo, but that doesn’t stop Botox Bette from placing the blame squarely on conservatives. Maybe they pulled the skin on her face so tight on her last facelift that they squeezed to death her remaining two semi-functioning brain cells. Heheheh.

While Defending Muslim Remarks, Trump Appears To Mock Journalist For His Disability

Was The Colorado Shooting Actually ‘Transgender Terrorism’?

So this is really freakin’ weird. According to voting records that people are finding on the internet, the Colorado shooter Robert L. Dear, identifed as a woman:

Notice also that his party registration is “unaffiliated.”

Now this could be a mistake because this dude does not look like a transgender anything:

Then again maybe he/she is just really good at it. Who knows?

According to a past neighbor, he wasn’t too right in the head none neither:

James Russell, Dear’s former neighbor in a rural area near Black Mountain, North Carolina, described him as a man who lived in a cabin without electricity or running water and rambled during conversation.

“If you talked to him, nothing was very cognitive — topics all over the place,” Russell told The Associated Press.

Liberals are gonna freak out at this, but it really does seem like he was just mentally unstable.

PATHETIC: Chuck Todd Deceptively EDITS Ben Carson To Mispresent His Comments As ‘Islamophobic’

Do You All Remember When We Thought The OBAMA Comparisons To Jesus Christ Were Creepy?

I’m gonna need a factcheck on this claim from a Trumpkin rally today:

This is true. I heard that Jesus Christ is only worth $9 billion, whereas we all know el Trumpo beats that easily.

This kinda stuff is only creepy when Obama’s fans do it, right? Yes. Go Trump.

CAIR and MSNBC poster boy for ISLAMOPHOBIA has been arrested for joining ISIS CELL!!

U.S. Ally Assassinates Human Rights Lawyer In Broad Daylight, Uses Killing To Justify Despotic Policies

NATO member and U.S. ally Turkey had another shining example of the freedom that their dictator, I mean president, allows to flourish. A human rights activist and lawyer who criticized the government for calling a Turkish separatist organization a “terrorist group” was himself gunned down in the street after a press conference for peace.

Here’s video of the shooting:

And an great news report explaining the murder:

More from Vice News:

An unidentified gunman killed a prominent Kurdish lawyer and rights activist on Saturday in what the pro-Kurdish HDP Party called a “planned assassination,” urging people to take to the streets in protest.

Witnesses said Tahir Elci was shot in the head after making a statement to media in Diyarbakir, the largest city in Turkey’s troubled, mainly Kurdish southeast where he was president of the local bar association. A policeman was also killed in an ensuing exchange of fire.

Elci had been criticized in Turkey for saying the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) was not a terrorist organization, though he had denounced PKK violence. He was facing trial over his comments which had infuriated state prosecutors.

Amazingly, Erdogan is actually blaming the group that Elci was defending, the PKK, with the shooting.

That’s how disgusting Erdogan is – he uses the death of a political opponent he probably killed as justification for implementing more of his policies. Unbelievable.

Here’s what he said to the Wall Street Journal earlier this month about the PKK and Erdogan:

“Both sides are sharpening their knives,” said Tahir Elci, a prominent attorney and head of the bar association in Diyarbakir, the biggest city in Kurdish-dominated parts of Turkey. “Both sides are chasing utopian goals. Both sides are getting farther from what is reasonable.”

Elci had a twitter account. Either his friends or family posted one last tweet:

It translates to, “Bye folks, with kindness.”

May he rest in peace.

Canada Will Resettle NO SINGLE MALE Syrian Refugees!! But It’s Still Bringing In 25,000…

Trump DUMP! Biggest DROP In Polling Over A Week…

The “Trumpkins,” as Brit Hume called them yesterday, aren’t gonna like this new polling about the Donald losing more support than he ever has in a one-week period.

From the Hill:

A Reuters poll released Friday finds that GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has dropped 12 points in less than a week, his largest single poll-to-poll drop since he took the primary lead in July.

Trump was still the favorite among 31 percent of Republicans in a rolling Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted from Nov. 23 to Nov. 27, but down from 43 percent support registered on Nov. 22.

The downtrend comes after a week of controversial comments he made about Muslims living in America, suggesting he would “surveil” mosques to root out domestic terrorist plots.
He also suggested a registered database for U.S. Muslims, which drew comparisons to Nazi Germany’s mandatory registration of Jews.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson also fell but finished second in the poll with 15 percent support.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tie for third with 8 percent support each. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush comes in fifth with 7 percent support.

I dunno.. it really sounds to me like this Reuters poll is from a bunch of total losers and complete haters who just want to help Hillary and Rubio bring in more Mexican Syrian refugees. I would ignore this poll because it doesn’t confirm what I want to hear. That’s all polls are for, really…

I mean everyone knows Reuters is a lightweight organization!! No one would trust them!!

Oh wait. Dammit…

Well I’m sure NOW it’s a dumb poll that the Donald will denounce tomorrow because they’re total losers and haters!!

Aw c’mon dammit.

Hey Dodge, Your ‘Hunger Games’ Commercial Is Insultingly Stupid

Happy Thanksgiving, The Quintessential American Holiday…

There are three ways in which Thanksgiving represents the values of America better than nearly any other holiday. Let’s run through them, shall we?


There are all sorts of beliefs about what happiness consists in, but one of the keys is gratefulness. It doesn’t matter what you have, if you’re grateful for what many or few blessings God has given you, you’ll be much happier than someone who is always envying what others have. It’s so important that we have an entire holiday dedicated to it, and it’s one of our most cherished holidays, because that’s one of our most cherished values.


It’s important to note that our country places such a high value on happiness that it’s enshrined in our Declaration of Independence. But it’s phrased in such a way to emphasize that the individual has the power over their own happiness – the government doesn’t guarantee happiness, it merely allows for the freedom of an individual to pursue their own happiness.


But there’s one last very important piece of this holiday – in order for you to be grateful, you have to be grateful TO something. I don’t understand how an atheist practices Thanksgiving – what or who are they thankful to? But for the rest of us, it’s easy, because we recognize that all the beauty and goodness in the world has a source that is ultimate goodness, and that is God. And from the very beginning of this holiday, and from the founding of the country, we’ve recognized and honored that source of all good things.

And that’s why Thanksgiving is uniquely American. 

Now go hug your family and your loved ones. Because life is just too damn short.

Also root for the Dallas Cowboys today, because that’s the Right Scoop’s team!!

Protesters Circling Cops In Chicago After Dashcam Video Released Of Fatal Cop Shooting Of Black Teen

SooperPodcast #178!!! The Thanksgiving Mextravaganza!!

This week we vaguely talk about Thanksgiving while revisiting some classic clips from the past SooperPodcasts. Then Matt whines about Donald Trump for a while, Helvetica Chimichanga gets a new name, el Sooper angers a whiny liberal journalist online, and we all make fun of Dodge’s stupid “Hunger Games” commercial tie-in.

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While Defending Muslim Remarks, Trump Appears To Mock Journalist For His Disability

There’s bound to be some other explanation that el Trumpo is gonna come up with but it really does appear that he’s mocking a reporter’s disability in these comments where he’s defending what he said about “thousands and thousands” of Muslims dancing during 9/11 in New Jersey.

Here’s how Politico described it:

During a defense of his widely debunked claim that thousands of people in parts of New Jersey with large Arab populations celebrated the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001, Trump performed a derisive impression of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski — who suffers from a chronic condition that has limited the movement of his arms — at a rally in South Carolina on Tuesday night.

Citing a 2001 article written by Kovaleski that referred to people allegedly seen celebrating the attacks, Trump said it was “Written by a nice reporter.”

Trump went on, “Now the poor guy — you ought to see the guy: ‘Uhh I don’t know what I said. I don’t remember.’ He’s going, ‘I don’t remember. Maybe that’s what I said.’” As he spoke, Trump launched into an impression which involved gyrating his arms wildly and imitating the unusual angle at which Kovaleski’s hand sometimes rests.

That’s pretty rough.

But if Trump fans have shown an incredible ability to defend absolutely anything Trump does or says….

Trump Probably Lied About His Personal Memory Of ‘Thousands And Thousands’ Of Muslims In Jersey Cheering After 9/11

PATHETIC: Chuck Todd Deceptively EDITS Ben Carson To Mispresent His Comments As ‘Islamophobic’

In this video introduction to some Muslim woman whining about “Islamophobia,” they deceptively edit Ben Carson’s comments about Syrian refugees to make it sound like he’s calling all Muslims “rabid dogs.”

It’s at the very beginning of this video at about the 18 second mark:

They cut out the entire context of what he said. He was making an analogy to having your kids running around, and letting rabid dogs around them – he was comparing the ISIS TERRORISTS to mad dogs.

You can see the entire context here with the whole video:

He is specifically talking about screening for terrorists in his analogy to rabid dogs, not all Muslims.

But hey what do you expect from F. Chuck Todd.

SEVEN Videos Of Obama’s ISIS Plan Being SLAMMED On Sunday News Shows