Trump’s Election Will Be The Most Important Than Since George Washington, Reagan Was Only ‘Somewhat’ Conservative

In a pretty humongous, incredible, and totally classy interview with conspiracy carnival barker Alex Jones, el Trumpo blew everyone out of the water with the most presidential and wonderful interview quite possibly in the history of human beings, and all other livings beings.

Even viruses.

Watch below:

I got the video set to the point where our next president says that his election is the most important election except for that of George Washington, which is true, and also that Reagan was a liberal Democrat, which is true, and become “somewhat” of a conservative.

And that’s all true.

Alex Jones, who once claimed that Michelle Malkin was trying to implement FEMA concentration camps to intern and murder American citizens, also said that el Trumpo dumbs things down so that his followers can understand it. Overall, a pretty great and totally classy interview.

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