DHS Whistleblower Says Obama Shut Down Investigation That Would Have Thwarted San Berdoo Terror Attack

Fox News had a former Homeland Security employee who says he was running an investigation that could have thwarted the terrible San Bernardino terror attack that took 14 American lives. The investigation was shut down and he says later that a FOIA request showed it was because officials were afraid of being accused of “profiling.”

Watch below:

And once again, we find that political correctness might have gotten in the way of saving American lives.

They report that the Department of Homeland Security says his story is full of holes, but he sounds pretty persuasive. For those of us that pretty much assume that everything government does it will do incompetently, this comes as no surprise. Unfortunately, those on the left will ignore it, and those on the far right will turn this into conspiracy fodder.

Watch the entire story and decide for yourself.

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