Wretched Melissa Harris Perry Spews Out Her Feelings About Star Wars Being RACIST!

Melissa Harris Perry used all the power of the force in her tampon earrings in order to analyze how racist the Star Wars movies are in this bewilderingly stupid clip from her ostentatiously moronic show on MSNBC.

Watch below:

She literally says “I know why I have feelings, good bad and otherwise, about Star Wars, and I have a LOT! I spend whole DAYS talking about the Darth Vader situation…” And this is no accident – she literally uses the phrase, “I get the feels about this,” as a starting point to most of her pseudo-intellectual analysis on the show.

Perry has become a completely absurd and ridiculous caricature of overly sensitive liberal black analysis.

And if you don’t believe me, just watch this hilarious send up of such an analysis from the movie “Chasing Amy” [trigger warning: lots of cursing, and racial stuff]:

I am so happy I’m a conservative because I don’t have to sit around hating life by analyzing everything through race like the way these pathetic liberals do.

Although I was a *tiny* bit upset there weren’t any Mexicans in Star Wars when I was a kid. I mean you KNOW the Death Star was built by Mexicans. Undocumented interstellar immigrants doing the work that empire citizens just won’t do…


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