SEVEN Hilarious Vids That Explain How Awful Jeb Was At The Debate

One of my GOP debate traditions is to scour the internet for animated gif videos in order to explain just how badly Jeb did in the debates that night.

Because he basically does terribly every debate.

Anyway, it’s a big hit on the Twitters, so here you go – the SEVEN animated gifs that show just how awful Jeb did during the debate!

1.) Here’s Jeb trying to RELAUNCH his “comeback” campaign last night:

2.) Jeb tried to karate HEAD CHOP back into the race – this is how that went:

3.) Jeb tried to CLIMP his way back to the top of the race – this is how that went:

4.) Then he tried to HOP back into the race – this is how that went:


5.) Jeb really made a splash at the debate:

6.) Here’s Jeb trying to get a running start into the GOP race:

This last one is probably my favorite of all them…

7.) Here’s how ELEGANTLY Jeb Bush made his exit from the GOP race:

There you go. It really was JUST that terrible to watch his performance. And in so far as debating skills have anything to do with being president in the minds of the American voter, Jeb has a HUGE problem.

So what do you think? Is it over for the Jebbinator? Is he done? Or does he still have a chance? Let me know what you think in the comments section below…

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