Hillary Clinton Roundly Condemned For Lying About ANOTHER VIDEO!!

What is with this woman and lying about videos?!?! Anyway. So during the ridiculous Democrat debate yesterday, Hillary actually claimed that ISIS was using videos of Donald Trump to recruit more terrorists.

Well she’s full of it. More than usual.

But no silly Politifact is gonna get in her way, NO!!! This morning John Podesta went and doubled down on the claim. Hugh Hewitt was not happy:

Even CNN couldn’t help her out on this one:

Here’s her communications director lying about it too – she mumbles out the ridiculous defense with a trembling voice:

And el Trumpo piled on:

But this is what’s going to happen – the media will claim that the issue is over and they’ll roll on to the next story. If this were a Republican, they’d hound them to the ends of the Earth and demand that every other candidate answer for it and condemn them. With Hillary it’s one big fat “meh!”

[h/t Twitchy]

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