One Dead, 4 In Critical Condition, 30 Hospitalized When Car Plows Through Las Vegas Crowd

There are videos and reports coming out of Las Vegas that a car careened through a crowd of pedestrians. Some witnesses were reporting that they heard gunshots near or inside the Planet Hollywood concurrently, but this seems to be false.

UPDATE: We now know her name is Lakeisha Holloway, and she’s had quite a troubled life. She broke up with her boyfriend recently, she had been living in her car in Vegas for a week prior to the incident. She was raised by an alcoholic mother. There is so far no evidence that she was connected with Islam in any way, or with the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Her Facebook profile doesn’t seem to have any posts about white racism, or Muhammed, or anything else that might explain her terrible actions. The only odd thing at this point is that the police don’t want to talk about what they think her motive might be. But let’s not jump to conclusions without solid evidence. Right now, it really looks like she might have snapped after a tough life, and grasping at a longshot opportunity that didn’t work out. That’s no excuse for the horrific thing she did, but it’s the simplest explanation right now.

Some were reporting that there might have been a shooting at Planet Hollywood as well, but it seems like that report is incorrect:

I’ll post more information as it becomes available.

More from Al Jazeera:

Eyewitness says it was an African-American woman, the other says she had a baby in the car:

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