Math-challenged Mika Brzezinski Says White Men, Not Muslims, Are ‘WREAKING HAVOK’ In America

I guess Mika Brzezinski had to make up for telling the truth about Hillary’s cowardice in facing the press, and she did it by telling Santorum that he needs to concentrate on white men “wreaking havoc” on America. Santorum responded well.

Watch below:

Now I noticed that she didn’t produce any stats backing up her claim, she just loudly screeches about white males apparently “wreaking havoc” in America. Undoubtedly white men commit some mass gun crimes, and at a higher rate than Muslims in America. But do you think it might be because there are about 70 TIMES AS MANY white people in America as there are Muslims? Unless Mika can produce numbers that show they commit mass murder at 70 times the rates as Muslims, she’s full of it.

Furthermore, the very character of the attacks are completely different – ISIS and al-Qaeda aren’t an “existential” threat to America, but they WANT to be, and if they had the means to destroy all of America, they would do it. There is no organized group of white men who want to destroy America that number in the hundreds of millions, except maybe in Belgium.

But there IS a large number of Muslims within the more than one billion of that religion that sympathize with Jihadists and believe America is the “Great Satan.”

And idiot liberals like Mika Brzezinski want to bring in Syrian refugees when it’s been proven that ISIS uses that program to infiltrate their operatives into the West and attack us, and our government has already shown it does a piss poor job of vetting these Muslim immigrants.

Here’s the segment before those comments where Santorum talked about the “cancer within Islam” that Muslims are ignoring:

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