Morning Joe Panel Speechless At Howard Dean Trying And FAILING To Defend Hillary’s ISIS Trump LIE

doubtful mika morning joe

Professional idiot and occasional failed presidential candidate Howard Dean appeared on Morning Joe to remind everyone just how easily Democrats lie for the sake of their political agenda.

When Mika Brzezinski asked him to explain why Hillary was lying, he said she wasn’t!! Incredulously, they pressed him to explain, and he tried, and failed, badly, to save Hillary from her own lies.

Watch below:

I posted a longer version the clip at the Scooooop!!

I love how Mika says awkwardly, “That’s just… what’s going on?! Anyone want this?!”

So Dean is basically saying that Hillary didn’t lie because terrorists are online. That’s his defense. But she specifically said that ISIS is using videos with Trump in them in order to recruit people. Now maybe that’s the case – but there’s NO PROOF that it’s happening. So she’s a liar. Very easy.

But apparently too easy for an idiot like Howard Dean to grasp.

Here’s her shocked face:

  morning mika 01

Yup. Pretty much.

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